Ex-WWE star receives TNA tryout.

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  1. Source: PWMania

  2. Nice, Knox always was that big brawler.. Maybe it will work out in TNA. Maybe a different gimmick.. We'll see.
  3. was hoping for Johnny Mo'
  4. Lmao.... I heard that Hogan said back in 2010: "Who's Mike Knox?". #Irony :haha:
  5. That sounds fine, but what is he going to do? Feud with Crimson for a little while? Start a random tag team? Receive the "Tony Nese Treatment"?
  6. I'm surprised people are okay with this, lol.
  7. I think it's pretty retarded. He's obviously not anything special, and when they already have guys on their roster who NEVER see tv time like Doug Williams & Pope the idea of bringing in his ass is fucking dumb.
  8. There you go.
  9. Not used:

    - Douglas Williams
    - Tony Nese
    - The Pope
    - Handful of Knockouts like Tara, Winter, Angelina...
    - Kid Kash

    Mike Knoxout definitively isn't needed.
  10. Plus they just signed King Mo. They already don't have enough time for everyone, so unless you are getting someone that has a definite place in the show (ala Morrison in the X Division) then I say pass.
  11. But that could fix if they send both Robbies and Garett (we know he ain't getting fired bcuz of his daddy) to OVW, and fire RVD. That leaves 4 places empty, case closed, 90% of the roster gets TV time, everybody happy. :emoji_hushed:tunga1:
  12. An Ex-WWE star joining TNA? Thought I'd never see the day. He isn't needed, useless. Use your own god damn talent that don't get a chance to be on TV.