Ex WWE Star Talks About Killing D-Bry's character & D'Z's Injury

Discussion in 'RAW' started by catlady, Jan 10, 2014.

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  1. Justin Credible talks about this past Raw :

    "I enjoyed seeing my friends DDP, and a healthy, sober, Jake “The Snake” Roberts. I also saw my childhood hero Ric Flair get more emotion out of the WWE World Champ Randy Orton than I can remember. The New Age Outlaws teaming up with CM Punk actually worked really well. Both Punk and The Outlaws gained from this fun pairing, and most important the fans ate it up.
    Is it me or is the WWE trying to kill Daniel Bryan's character off. Daniel Bryan managed to do the almost impossible, and he got over huge without a WWE push. Fans loved him, they loved his work, his gimmick, everything about him. It was organic, and that’s something that doesn’t happen often. The WWE didn’t give him the title, and they should have. Then the teaming up with CM Punk. Now they have taken away any reason for the fans to care. Even if this storyline ends up being ok, it will have effectively killed any momentum he once had.

    Dolph Ziggler was injured Monday Night in his match with Ryback. The injury took place after Ryback blasted him with a clothesline. Ziggler was later diagnosed with a concussion. This is Dolph’s 2nd concussion in less than a one year period. I hope that he recovers fully from this. I know from experience that these types of injuries can really change you as an athlete. I came back from a terrible concussion in ECW 2 days after the initial injury. It took me months to recover. Double vision, nausea, and vomiting. I remember trying to drive from Philly back home to CT, and having to pull over every 10 minutes to puke."


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  2. Can even Justin Credible realize that D-Bry joining the Wyatts is going to lead to a face turn? I MEAN SERIOUSLY!
  3. Ex-WWE star? Lmao.
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  4. That is what the title said... hahahaaha
  5. I never realized Dolph's was so popular in the real wrestling world. That's what i get for assuming.
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  6. Well, I kinda see his point with the DB thing, but I don't think this pairing with the Wyatts is going to hurt. The crowd still loves him. And I agree with him on DZ, hopefully he recovers fully.
  7. Justin Credible speaks the truth WWE are killing Daniel Bryan's character and Dolph's career wont be the same again with these two concussions
  8. Mick Foley has had 9 concussions as of 1999, I can see him coming out fine.
  9. I don't think they're killing his character.. I mean c'mon he just had a strenuous feud with Cena & Orton not too long ago, he's not one to 'give up' that easy.. I imagine his character is definitely going to turn on Bray and that this was all just a ploy to get keep his enemies closer.
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