Ex-WWE Writer Talks Vince’s Disregard Of Storyline Consistency

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 14, 2012.

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  1. Interesting read. Vince throws out all logic and what not because he can't remember what happened 3 weeks ago.
  2. I'm sure I've already read that before somewhere. Anyway, that's why I'd like to see how things are going to be when Vince leaves, if the storylines will be more coherent and things like that.
  3. That was a different one.
  4. That's pretty stupid of Vince. Without storylines it's just not as interesting.
  5. Tagging @[Crayo]
  6. Most people know Vince is the main reason for a shitty product, but I still think even without Vince the writing team is still bollucks. I can't see Vince being the sole reason why 75% of shows seem to be filler.
  7. I remember reading that a few days ago on another forum. And my response there is the same as it is now, which is that someone should really ask Vince why it is that he can't remember what happened three weeks ago on his own television program. Honestly, the sooner Triple H takes over for Vince (although you've still got Stephanie to worry about), the better.
  8. Paul Heyman > All.
  9. Awesome read. With the way the current product is booked, you wouldn't think he remembers 3 days ago.

    Take the tag team division. O'Neil and Young debut and beat the Usos, then next week they go over Santino and Ryder and cut the "Millions o' Dollas" promo. Then the week after that, they treat them like complete jobbers on Raw and they lose in 3 minutes to Truth and Kofi. The week after that, they lose to Santino and Ryder as The Uso's are going over the #1 Contenders to the Tag Belts.

    While I thought this was just backstage politics or the writers not giving a fuck, now I know it's Vince's alzheimers! Thanks, Lil Wade.
  10. To be honest I welcome more unpredictable results, but that wasn't their intentions, it's just lazy booking.
  11. That was horrible, the thing with the tag division. I really hope Vince leaves as soon as possible. HHH may not be the most unbiased guy around or anything, but I think he remembers what happened last week.
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