Excellent article about last nights PPV regarding Cena/Ryback

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 20, 2013.

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  1. PWInsider
  2. Stopped reading when he marked for cane shots. They are SO fucking weak lmao.
  3. OK So after glancing over the article they talk about how boring Super Cena is?

  4. Mike from PWInsider >
  5. Honestly who is the article aimed at? Everyone has been saying what he is saying for years and years now.
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  6. Lame article IMO. Skimmed through it btw.
  7. It's not meant to be a revolutionary article, it was meant to stimulate discussion. Jesus you guys can be so pretentious sometimes.
  8. [​IMG]

    Very well said. Couldn't agree more.

    Seriously though.... overall it's a decent read. The writer hits on points that we have all been saying for a very long time now.
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  9. Well you did describe it as 'excellent' so maybe you shouldn't have gotten our hopes up bro :silva:
  10. Finally, some class enters the thread.
  11. Christian I tink we huwt his wittle feelings
  12. To have class, I'll have to like this guy.

    Yeah, no thanks.
  13. Thank you, thank you. I do what I can. :obama:

    I guess I don't understand all the hate. I read the whole thing, and the guy makes valid points. Yeah, like I said, it's things we've all been saying for a long time now, but that doesn't make it any less true. He still makes good points, and I like that he included some comparisons as well as the Superman references. Cena does need to be shown that he actually has weaknesses and CAN in fact be defeated, or else he needs to just go away for a good long while. WWE is being extremely idiotic by constantly booking him as this guy who can't be defeated and who ALWAYS overcomes the odds and keeps powering through everybody, then getting up and brushing it off like it's no big deal. We have seen it over and over and over and over and...... It's just beyond imaginable. I'm not a Ryback fan either, so I don't care whether Ryback wins or loses, I just care that WWE gets some common sense and eventually does something different with their Super-Cena idol.
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  14. Why people wonder why Ryback wasn't given the WWE Championship is beyond me. If the ref had counted, Ryback was clearly gonna be counted out along with Cena. I didn't have a problem with the match ending in a draw. It was the most logical ending to the match to me. It was finding out that Cena popped back to life on the stretcher because apparently "kids were crying" that pissed me off. This was legitimately a way to make Ryback look like a beast, by having Cena out for at least ONE Raw (remember how strangely last year, he said he might be going away for awhile after ER but then he never did?) but it looks like the "injury" will just be dismissed like it's nothing.

    This is indeed the issue with Cena in general - he also just shakes off any damages or losses to him like they're nothing. He said losing to The Rock last year would make his entire career seem meaningless but then he was joking about it not bothering him (in a segment with Vince) just over a month later.
  15. Pretty nice article. Agree with it completely, not much to add really.
  16. A complete waste of time and money and with nothing to show for it.

    That sums it up pretty well.
  17. Really nice article. It's so frustrating seeing WWE's booking and knowing all of us could do a better job with just a little thought.

    "Cena takes a couple of weeks off to sell injuries, comes back hell bent on revenge on the go-home show. Ryback cuts a promo, Cena's music plays. They brawl. Cena gets the upper hand, cuts a serious, angry promo. Ryback attacks him from behind, says his little catchphrases, they make the rematch". Done. Simple. Took me 2 minutes and so much better than Cena no-selling shit and making stupid jokes like he's going to do here in 30 minutes.

    "Oh, well we don't have John Cena for ratings, whatever shall we do?" Well you aren't drawing ratings WITH Cena. A rematch for the tag titles between Hell No and the Shield will draw just fine. Get the sand out of your vagina Vince.
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