Summerslam Exclusive: all about SummerSlam

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by MedoShnider, Aug 13, 2012.

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who will be the winner at SummerSlam

Poll closed Aug 20, 2012.
  1. CM Punk (Pipe Bomb)

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  2. John Cena (Rise Above Hate)

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  3. Big Show

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  1. 6 DAYS, 23 HOURS, 18 MINUTES until SummerSlam:bury:I think that no one can wait for it,will be the best SummerSlam ever that's why====> Show the video:bury:
  2. I'm hoping CM Punk as I can't stand John Cena. The thought of Big Show as champion hasn't even crossed my mind.
  3. CM Punk retaining the belt seems obvious to me.

    Big Show was thrown in there just so they can save the big Punk-Cena one-on-one rematch for the next month and so they could add a little something 'extra' to the match. Kinda like when Show was thrown into the triple threat at WM25 (just so it wouldn't just be Cena-Edge again) or when Kane was thrown into the Bryan-Punk feud a couple of months ago. For that reason, I'm fairly certain that Big Show is eating the pinfall. It may even be both Cena and Punk who pin him together.
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  4. Pretty much this. Then we have Cena vs Punk at NoC.
  5. I personally think Show is there to eat the pin to protect Cena, as Punk has beaten him in the past.
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