EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Robbie E and Brooke Talk About The Premiere of the Amazing Race

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  1. The Amazing Race enters it's 25th season this year, an incredible feat for any television show. The competition-based reality show is an Emmy Award Winner and one of the most popular reality television shows in the country. This year, two of TNA's own have packed their bags and are taking a journey across the globe in hopes of winning the show's 1-million dollar prize!

    Robbie E and Brooke Adams, dubbed by The Amazing Race as #TheWrestlers, will be competing against 10 other teams and you can witness their journey (arguments, celebrations and everything in between) every Friday night on CBS at 8/7c. Before leaving, IMPACTWrestling.com caught up with Brooke and Robbie to get their thoughts.

    What made you want to be on the Amazing Race? How did it all come about?

    I was contacted by a casting director. After I mentioned my relationship with Robbie E as well as us both being professional wrestlers they were ecstatic! We had many interviews afterwards obviously ending with them falling absolutely in love with "The Wrestlers". Rob and I thought this would be an adventure of a lifetime, could bring us closer in our relationship, and truly put us to the test.

    Brooke and I checked out the show and both thought "WOW, we are crazy enough to do all these things!" Plus, bro, did you know you could win a million dollars? What other professional wrestlers would they have wanted besides us??? It was a win/win for all involved!

    Did being a professional athelete help you? Did it also put a target on your back from the other teams?

    Brooke: I truly thought being a professional wrestler and athlete was going to help a lot more than it did. In the end, being strategic and also having luck on your side is really what keeps you in the race. I think, at first, because of our appearance teams wanted to target us. We are pretty, loud, and all around amazing. I would want to target us as well. But, most then realized that Rob and I were directionally challenged and not the brightest of the bunch and forgot a lot about us as a threat. However, sometimes that can be a strategy too!

    Robbie: Like Brooke said, it did to an extent but not as much as you'd think, bro. There really is no proper way to prepare. You never know what is coming at you next. I think hearing us say we are pro wrestlers made other teams scared but that doesn't mean we know where to go, we just know what to do when we get there!

    How was it being that close to each other at all times? Were there a lot of fights?

    Brooke: Rob and I are very, very close. We naturally spend a lot of time together. We are best friends and share it all. As close as we are, it was still a challenge for the both of us. You get so stressed because everything has to be so rushed. Then you get short and annoyed so easily without noticing; causing unnecessary fighting. It's impossible for a couple to go on this show and not fight. You will have to watch and see how bad (or good) it can get!

    Robbie: When you're together, legitimately, 24/7, any couple would fight! Brooke and I love each other very much, no matter how we act. In the long run, fighting and getting over the fights brings you closer together.

    What can TNA fans expect to see from you on the show?

    TNA fans can expect to see a whole different side of Brooke and Robbie E. From the dramatic craziness to the fun, playful, loving couple we are. Watching us try and figure out the race is a show in it's own. Fans have never seen the way Rob and I interact. I think fans who know us from TNA are going to love seeing the realtionship between us in a new way. The realism, the chemistry, you definitely see something different here!

    Robbie: BroFans are going to see a totally different side of Robbie E! I did things that I never thought I would do in my entire life and didn't think I was capable of. Overcoming fears, bro! I HATE ANIMALS, BRO!

    When you get back from The Amazing Race, what's next?

    Brooke: Running the race really tested me as a person and athlete. After the Amazing Race, you can 100% expect Brooke chasing the Knockouts Championship and winning my 3rd title! And maybe a few Brobbies running around in the future....

    Robbie: What she said, bro! I am very pleased with my wrestling career but, when I get back, it's time for fans to appreciate my ability more. I've held every title in TNA except for one - the World Heavyweight Championship. I'm heading in that direction next!

    Watch Robbie E and Brooke on The Amazing Race, every Friday on CBS at 8/7c!


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