EXCLUSIVE: Matt Hardy Speaks About Full Metal Mayhem

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    Last week, IMPACTWrestling.com spoke to the current TNA World Tag Team Champions, The Wolves. Both Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards expressed that they need this victory Wednesday night on IMPACT to validate their place in tag team history.

    The Wolves made the stipulation for the match and they decided to make it a match that has become synonymous with The Hardys and Team 3D over the years. So, while The Wolves know what's at stake, choosing the Full Metal Mayhem stipulation is nothing short of admirable.

    Matt Hardy reached out to IMPACTWrestling.com and pulled no punches when discussing this epic match coming up Wednesday night.

    "No tag team on Earth can compare to the Hardys, especially when it comes to navigating their way around a Full Metal Mayhem war zone full of tables, ladders & chairs. During our final tag title series match, you'll witness our expertise in the match WE put on the map."

    Hardy went on to say, "Let's be honest, the wrestling fans in this industry recognize and respect our extreme expertise in this match - and TRUE wrestling fans want nothing more than us to win and become the new TNA World Tag Team Champs."

    It is highly anticipated and something that has everybody buzzing. Wednesday is becoming Wrestling night in America for reasons like this: Full Metal Mayhem and the passion shown by our superstars. We will have more tomorrow leading into this incredible contest.


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