WrestleMania Exclusive Photo: WrestleMania 28 Set & Ring Structure

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  1. The following is an exclusive photo WZ has obtained showing the WrestleMania 28 set being build in Sun Life Stadium as well as what appears to be the Hell in a Cell structure.


    They won't be closing the top?
  2. It looks to be black? That's awesome.

    Man those guys are hella quick at setting this stuff up.
  3. thats nice what if it rains though lol
  4. Cena slips and falls when he's running down his entrance. :troll:
  5. ...OMG what if Undertaker did too? Oh no, then his little hood would fall down too lolol
  6. Aww man tents suck ass.
  7. I fucking hate outdoor venues. I hope it rains on them ala the last Super Bowl that was in Miami.
  8. DAM THAT LOOK GREAT! Still don't know how there going keep that Cell for all the other matchest but dam! The who setup look from the photo!

    THAT WAS SUPERBOWL 41 when it rain! The last Super Bowl that was in Miami was SuperBowl 44 and it did not rain in 44 look it up if u don't belive me! PIPE BOMB :pity:!
  9. Looks pretty decent, it probably won't rain. I'm sure they'll have looked into the weather before deciding that.
  10. Looks like Wrestlemania 24...
  11. Exactly fuck the tent its going to ruin everything.
  12. Well Wrestlemania 24 was in Orlando, but they seriously have to become more creative.
    Also I guess it was needed for the cell.
  13. Really, a tent is going to ruin Wrestlemania?
  14. I think the tent's are pretty cool, but still... BE MORE CREATIVE WWE!