WrestleMania Exclusive plans for Chris Jericho for WM.

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  1. Basically this report is saying "It could be Punk or Undertaker", so not a very ground-breaking report by any means. I'm glad they might actually have Punk vs HHH for mania', if that's the case I guess on Monday we'll see a heel turn from HHH? Or perhaps just planting the seeds. I don't know which I'd prefer really, I really don't want to see HHH vs Taker part III, but I'm I was really excited to see where this "it begins" crap is going for Jericho. I was also excited at the two best wrestlers in the world (in wwe :emoji_heart_eyes: wrestling on the grandest stage of them all. Furthermore, I had my heart set on Jericho winning the rumble.

    Meh, I guess I'm torn. What you guys think?
  2. has me torn too whilst i dont wanna see taker vs triple hhh III! I really wanna see punk vs jericho!

    So then that leaves for me does taker drop the streak an give someone a push?

    or fight triple hhh an win again streak intact!

    as surely if it was taker vs triple hhh III taker wouldn't lose wastin what is one of the greatest legacies in WWE history! so makes the match semi redundant!
  3. Well I'd book it as Taker not competing this year at all, then fights Cena the WM after for his final match.
  4. @[Crayo] master booker solves it all again!

  5. Haha, not just me who thinks that though either. I mean 20-0 is going to be the most historic legacy in WWE history right? It's just common sense not to make it happen against someone you've faced before (3 times!). Cena also I think is one of the best superstars in WWE to portray emotion in the ring. Imagine how emotional the match could be when Cena just can't put Taker away, and when Taker NEARLY loses the streak. The match has potential to be the best ever. I don't think HHH's personality can make it that at all. I mean if HHH ends the streak, it'd still be 2-1 to Taker? If Taker wins again, he's beaten someone he's been victorious against 2 times already.

    If it's Jericho this year, then his legacy, his 20-0 moment will be overshadowed by the biggest match at WM since Hogan vs Rock (Rock vs Cena). Taker deserves more. Though, the match itself would be amazing, since Jericho like Cena, like Taker, like HBK can portray incredible emotion in the ring.

    Maybe I have too much respect for Taker, but I wouldn't want his moment overshadowed. If he was to lose the streak, I wouldn't want it to happen to against anyone else other than Barrett. WWE always drop the ball, so it'd need to be up against someone consistently good, and Barrett is that (sorry @[RKO]). He'd be a mega-heel for the rest of his career.
  6. I must've of missed how HHH vs Taker would be part III and not part II?

    Anyways, I'd much rather see Jericho vs Undertaker. Punk vs HHH at WM 28. Also, this pretty much confirms Jericho will not win the Royal Rumble.

  7. Too right Cena vs Taker next year would be perfect! An i love Barrett the guy is gonna be huge such a good heel atm his smug face makes u wanna punch him! so much respect for that tho a heel u hate but admire! oh an he's billed as from Manchester England! :thumbup:
  8. Haha don't think he's even from Manchester though. And definitely, takes effort to get smarks or hardcore wrestling fans to hate someone when they understand all heels completely, but he can still do it. Something JBL excelled at.
  9. It's Preston but thats close enough for me! :wohow: An yeah to get people to hate you yet still admire despite knowing all about heels is a massive achievement! An JBL yet another example of that!

    An after more thinkin really hope it's Punk vs Jericho!
  10. I think heel HHH would put Punk over more as the next superface of the company, but I think the feud with Jericho would be more interesting and have a better match.

    HHH letting Punk go over him at mania is just something I don't see happening, his ego is massive.
  11. @[Crayo]'s ego is massive. :laugh:
  12. It's not :cry:
  13. Jaykaying @[Crayo], LOVE YOU!! :love: :wink:
  14. @[Crayo] Triple HHH put someone over lmao

    Punks pretty over anyways an i think will just continue to build! Look how Bryans built wit very little gimmick except in ring ability! it's only recently he's added bits for his heel turn!
  15. True but to be super-face you need to beat super-heels, Punk's never done that. He could go from getting cheered from 60-70% of the crowd to 95%+ like Austin was by beating a mega-heel.
  16. What would happen if someone like Johnny Ace turned face?
  17. @[Crayo] thats where Cena could come in after WM! He becomes super heel punk becomes super face!
  18. I wish ^. Such fantasy booking, I LIKE IT :smile:

    Ace can't turn face imo.
  19. :groupwave1:


    plus Cena would put someone over if the timing was right @[Crayo]
  20. If it was Punk to end Cena's mega-heel run that'd be cool, then Cena can just have a new face gimmick (as he would soon get really over as a heel again tbh), then you'd have Punk & Cena, 2 super-faces who are excellent on the mic. Remind you of anyone? Oh hi Rock and Stone Cold.