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  1. Hey guys, click the text below for the review. ) The exclusives will be much smaller than the episodes.

  2. Perhaps with Ryder "Injured" Brodus will get US Championship. Wishful thinking.
  3. I think Swagger will end up winning the belt. He'll end up exploiting Ryder's injury to beat him.
  4. Great. Now we get to hear those legendary "I am jack sthwagger, and I'm your United Stathes Championnn" promos.
  5. He's so easy to hate though isn't he? Plus he's not a bad speaker, nothing exceptional but he's no worse then say ADR.
    Like here he had little to no build but was getting decent heat. It seems legit also not the canned in shit. You can see people reacting in the crowd.
  6. I think it is time for Swagger to be champ. He can then ad another american to his nickname
  7. @[seabs] Definitely. I may mock Jack Swagger all the time, but he's the equivalent of Vickie Guerrero or Johnny Ace. He's so bad on the mic that the crowd just LOVE to hate him. Most of Jack's reign he had vickie-level heat on pretty much every mic-segment he had.
  8. That they do. But he is an awesome wrestler in the ring
  9. One of the best mat-wrestlers in WWE yes.
  10. BTW got some comments on results on the RAW review woohoo!

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