WrestleMania Exclusive: Steve Austin's WrestleMania 28 Plans Revealed

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    WrestleZone has learned exclusively that WWE writers have been informed to expect Stone Cold Steve Austin at this year's Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, but not at WrestleMania 28.

    "If Stone Cold appears at WrestleMania, he certainly isn't expected to do anything in the ring," a key WWE insider told us, "and Austin has not been shy in telling (WWE Chairman) Vince (McMahon) that he has no plans of playing second fiddle to The Rock in any way."

    Austin has told some friends he would love to attend the event but does not want to even be asked to get involved in a match, since The Rock and John Cena are in the main event. "Austin has a plan, and it doesn't include being a supporting character in a Rock starring role," WrestleZone was told.

    Source: WrestleZone
  2. Hopefully he comes back for 29 to wrestle Punk. Continuing the who past vs future theme.
  3. That's what I'm hoping for. That'd be WrestleMania 29 booked out with an awesome match.
  4. This. They both want to wrestle each-other, Stone Cold can never be booked as the second guy.

    Punk vs Stone Cold I think might be more similar to Hulk vs Rock than Rock vs Cena is.

    Cena is massively boo'd in this, he's the heel. I can't see the CM Punk faithful (considering Punk is booked as he should be until then) turning on Punk for Stone Cold, but none of them will boo Stone Cold.
  5. I'm skeptical about WZ's "updates", but this one seems interesting. And I agree with Austin's choice.
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  6. Yeah they're not a very credible dirt-sheet. But Austin and Punk have said they both want to wrestle each-other, so it's not hard to put two and two together.
  7. Austin saw the reactions Rock got this past year... he wasn't pleased.

    There's a bit of competitive jealousy there.
  8. Stone Cold can do better, that's just my opinion.
  9. I hope SCSA come back to wrestle Punk in WM 29. I would pick SCSA over Punk anyday.
  10. Maybe the night after WrestleMania Punk can cut a promo hassling Jericho .... the the glass breaks

    .... Austin: "Your a** is mine son, if you got the guts"

    Another year long wait. Arrive. Raise Hell. Leave
  11. I'd mark like a school girl receiving a brownie badge.
  12. SCSA > Punk like you've said.

    I can see SCSA vs Punk WM29.
  13. Not about who's better really, it's about how epic this feud would be. This would be 100X better than Cena vs Rock.
  14. It would be better then Rock/Cena because Austin would be there on a regular basis. The biggest problem I have is whether Austin could work back into ring shape. I know he's said his neck could hold out but i'd like to know if he actually believes it or if he's missing the buzz of an audience.
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  15. Punk has the ability to carry a match to decent standards in my opinion.
  16. The match would be best if Punk works as a heel

    The match would be best if Punk works as a heel

    The build would be best if both guys weren't castrated by Vince before hand
  17. I'd want both characters to stay the same, I don't think Punk can be a heel. Just keep him as his tweener role not his current role.
  18. No Tweener. More Punk raiding Austin's house... raiding the liquor cabinets and burning the booze on his front lawn

    Don't you get it? Punk hates alcohol... It makes his snap, It makes him grow his man beard out

    When will you understand? The dingier Punk gets the better off WE all are

    He needs to channel his inner Manson, bring back Lita and burn the syringes Beth hides in her locker... You can make it happen
  19. Lmao my god that'd be incredible. By Tweener I literally mean act as a heel like he did at MITB but is cheered for it like a moof. Like Austin was.

    I'd love a sadistic Punk.
  20. I would agree that it works best if Punk was a heel or at least a tweener. But Punk is so popular at the moment that he will no doubt still be a babyface come next year.

    I personally would be fine if Austin stayed retired. I think it's fitting that his last match was against his greatest opponent ever, The Rock. And the fact that Rock's victory over Austin at WM19 literally marked the first (and only) time Rock ever beat Austin one on one.
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