PPV Exodus The Mega Show III - Results

Discussion in 'WWE 2K16 League Archive: Xbox One' started by SupaHeeroh, Oct 2, 2016.

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  1. rip Robert Blake title reign
  2. anyone record the EC match?
  3. Think Luke did.
  4. I streamed my match, the stream lagged like a bitch, my mic lagged too! I link the vid now!

  5. Also it turned out to be a 1 v 1 because Cerb didn't turn up on here or on xbox all day so we do a 1 v 1!
  6. As soon as Jet was named the next gm, he became world champion. Why does every gm have a obsession with winning a world title? lol
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  7. Just realised, should've Game DVR recorded it (Can glitch it to record longer than the limit, you just un-snap it!)
  8. Congrats @Jet Starr !! Unlucky all the rest but c'mon, it's a chamber match, there's 5 other guys who want to win it as bad! Also I'm now 1-0 at the Mega Show, only 1 away from Borton's record!
  9. You're not even worthy to pour The BORT a glass of milk.
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  10. congrats jEt. although, I would'vE rathEr sEEn thE titlE bE hEld by E.

    Who vs. Who vs. Who?
  11. [​IMG]

    3-0 at Mega Shows. Ending the league as your World Champ 3rd year straight. Thank you all. Bless
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  12. Congrats Jet!

    The triple threat ended up being a one on one tho, Cerb wasnt there.
  13. Umm, I was here at the start of the league then when we had to switch forums I was here for a little more then just disappeared because I was to busy!
  14. I won't pour that milk in the glass, I'll smash the glass over his head and tip the milk on him!
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  15. say that to my face poossay
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  16. Oh. You've done it now bitch
  17. I'll break the glass over your head and tip the milk on ya!
  18. I mean, there's always @SupaHeeroh :emoji_grin:
  19. Also, I'm glad this is all over. The rivalry between the Kings and Blur, Ellis (later replaced by Hybrid), and I started off good, but fell apart really quickly. Hopefully that was just because everyone was burnt out on 16 and will not continue when we return in 17.

    On a side note, congratz to @InFaMoUs1 for being the first Intercontinental Champion to not appear at the Mega Show.
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