Kayfabe Exodus Updates: Chris Young Part 1

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*AsvThe show returnd=s from break we are shown a shot of the commentators .*
James Defto: Everyone welcome back to the show and we are about to update you on one of our wrestlers.
Patrick Evans: And that man is Chris Young who has been missing from our show for a bit now, Let's take a look.
*The video starts outside of a bar in an unnamed rural area ,T he first person shot continues into the bar.
The Bar is empty almost, But for a few, The noise of the jukebox playing "misery business" drowns out the room.
The Camera turns to see Chris Young who is now sporting longer hair and a beard, He is wear Jeans and a dirty hoodie.

Chris Has his head down at a table.
The Cameraanab walks up to him.*

Cameraman: Chris Young?
*Chris Saying nothing get's up and walks away, The cameraman follows.*
: Chris, Were have you been?
Young: .....
Camera: Why did you leave ?
Young: .....
Cameraman: Will you return?
*Chris Stops dead and turns around with a look of anger and cold.*
Young: You want a story, I don't care....change means nothing!
I worked my ss off and no one gave a damn.
So If I do come back it will be only for me.
The Amazing one is now the only one and Exodus can kiss my ass
That's all you get, Now get out of my face, I'll help you.
*Chris Superkicks the cameraman and knocks the camera glasses off of him and the last shot shows Young leaving on a Kawasaki ninja motorcycle.*
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