Kayfabe Exodus Updates: Chris Young Part 2: Needed Changes and Returns.

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    *The video starts with a back shot of who we now know as "The Amazing(Or Only) One" Chris Young walking down a hallway wearing jeans and a hoodie and the noise of the show echoes in the halls as the show goes on without him.
    He goes into the junk filled locker room, It's filled with trash and is covered in dust and grime.
    The camera switches to a digital camera set up by Young in front of him as he takes a seat.*

    Chris: Look I'm not going to lie, I kinda miss wrestling here, But after what I saw with all to dirty tricks going around ,I See the same old crap go on as when I left and I'm going to finally change it.
    Exodus is going to become mine and the only way that will happen is if I come back and take my work to the next level.
    Blood and Tears are always given in that ring, But I get nothing in return and I get passed over for jackasses and kissasses, Enough is enough and it's time for a change of heart and mindsets in this place.
    I lost my will and now this is the wake up I needed.

    *He puts up the hood and goes around the room tossing things into a trash bin.*

    Chris: I've done some real soul searching over the past month. I've looked inside myself, I've looked in the mirror and I've made a couple of decisions. First, I'm done relying on anyone but myself. I'm sick of it. It's only gotten me this far. It's gotten me to the hump but hasn't pushed me over. It's like a glass ceiling that I just can't break. And second, I'm determined to work harder than I've ever worked before. In the last month, maybe two - or even, Hell, go back to when I had my surgery and release from that hellhole - since then I've been pushing and pushing and pushing myself. To be in the best physical and mental and soulful shape that I can be. So basically, I wanna be the ideal Chris Young. Now, that's kind of an interesting statement. The ideal Chris Young. Is that what the fans want? Or is that what I want? Or is that a melting of both? I don't know, What I do know is it's my time now and next week is going to be Amazing.

    *He turns off the camera*