News Expect one more NXT talent to debut soon

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jul 9, 2013.

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  1. So any takers? My guesses are Ohno, Graves, Kruger or Neville. Maybe Zayn but that is a stretch. Paige is very unlikely due to not being 21 yet. If it is a stretch it would be smart in my mind to involve them in the Wyatt program as it would be a smart way to get them relevant and to let both sides elevate each other.

    Wrestlinginc via PWinsider
  2. Fantasy booking: A cool thing they could do is to write Kane out of the MITB Match and throw Zayn in there. Perfect way to debut a character like the one Sami's already playing.

    More realistic is Neville, he seems head and shoulders above everyone else, but given the *spoiler* it probably won't be him.

    It'll probably be Kassius at this rate, maybe Xavier Woods?
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  3. Woods seems to be primed to take over as a top player down in NXT due to the call ups so he is unlikely. Graves, Ohno or Neville are my top picks.

  4. That whole Zayn situation sounds awesome. :yay: But I figure it's too soon for him to debut, blech.

    I'm leaning towards Ohno myself. I'm a little excited about these debuts. Looking forward to seeing whoever it may be.
  5. I'm thinking that whoever it is will be a face because of how many heels champions there are at the moment. Ohno and Graves are my obvious choices, but I don't know how they'll fit in.
  6. Don't see how it would take a while for him. He's comfortable on the mic, fine with in-ring promos and storytelling... They may want to mess with his moveset to make it less choreographed and more WWE-ish, but otherwise don't see how he isn't roster-ready now.

    But could be wrong, no expert on this stuff haha

  7. :true: As a relatively new NXT watcher again, I just figured regardless of how awesomely talented and experienced someone is, they would still keep him / her in NXT for a while before moving on to Raw / SD. But if that's wrong, then :yay: I could see good ole' Sami on Raw in the near future! :please:

    I agree though. He's uber experienced and talented, so he's pretty much roster-ready. I just figured WWE would detain him for a while, haha.
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