Expectations for this weeks upcoming RAW

Discussion in 'RAW' started by AdamMellor, Apr 14, 2013.

  1. So since last week The Rock couldn't make it due to injury, I wonder what will happen with the story since now Ryback is in the picture, Also Haymen said last week that CM Punk will be on this upcoming episode of RAW so I wonder what Punk will have to say about his match with taker and his plans for the future. I am looking forward to this Mondays episode!

  2. I expect it to go back to being mediocre, above average at best. The crowds aren't going to be the same/
  3. Looking forward to what Dolph does and maybe what Ryback does. I expect the show to be back to normal though.
  4. ^ well said, a normal crowd with no excitement just the average raw. perfect time to switch over to wnba draft.... lol i had to plug it, but raw last week was intense, can't expect the same outcome.
  5. Expecting a better than average show, actually. Don't know why.
  6. I'm expecting it to be crap. That way if it is I won't be disappointed.
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  7. It'll be very hard to come close to last week's show. I expect a lot of Fandango due to the buzz he's created and Vince's preference to force things down our throats when they become the least bit popular.
  8. More Clay and Tensai as well then.
  9. Someone studied at the school of Dolph'sZiggler :obama:
  10. I love me some Sweet T.
  11. 7/10 Crowd will be a factor
  12. What could possibly make anyone think the crowd will be anything but dead tonight, especially compared to last week?

    South Carolina? Literally sounds like one of the worst places to hold a WWE event. It will be nothing but kids and their apathetic parents. YIPPEE. Only difference between this mark crowd and the typical mark crowd will be a few failed fandango chants.
  13. South Carolina have legit only had one PPV in the history of the WWE or something like that. That should paint well enough a picture of how the crowd tends to be.

    Will be a real rollercoaster with the crowds. Last week was awesome, this week will likely be bad (especially compared to last week) and next week will be in London so it will be quality.
  14. Not that it's likely, but I hope the London crowd completely sucks and eats shit, just so all of the Eurodonks have to eat crow.

    Literally never heard of such a hyped up crowd. Since last week's Raw crowd all I've heard is OMG EURO LONDON CROWD NEXT WEEK FAPPING MY BALLS OFF
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  15. It's not any weirder than when WWE heads to Chicago and people start hyping the crowd. Both crowds have good track records so it is only logical that people will get excited.
  16. There will be a lot of singing, that's a definite. Other than that, we'll see if it can compete with the Jersey crowd.
  17. Fairies and their singing :haha:
  18. I'm just tired of this shit where UKFags are like, "OMGAWZ! THAT WAS A UK CROWD AT NJ!"
    Like, all smarks around the world go there and they're taking credit for the whole thing?
    It's a WorldWide crowd and Montreal Crowd > UK Crowd
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  19. This. Last London crowd I remember sucked pretty hard.

    then again they also did a live broadcast at, what, 12 am?
  20. It was really only 1 or 2 guys that I noticed doing it a lot, but outside of that I've seen a lot of people expecting the crowd next week to somehow compete with last weeks, which is preposterous to me.

    Plus the show will be taped so it will have that negative aspect as well. Any chant WWE doesn't approve of will get cut.
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