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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 21, 2012.

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  1. Swagger has missed every single RAW episode since becoming US Champion a month ago. At EC 2 nights ago, he has a random match with Justin Gabriel which didn't last 4 minutes. Then RAW the day after, he doesn't appear but Sheamus buries Henry and Bryan buries Santino.

  2. They have a total disregard for what isn't the main event. Everything else is solely filler.
  3. I got pissed that they booked Sheamus to beat Mark Henry. It kind of pissed me off because they had that feud back at Summerslam and that was a huge match or else I think they should've let Mark win because Mark isn't on any injury in storyline.
  4. Wondering the same. That EC was just a filler.
  5. Agree windy, Henry beat him and speared him through the stands that night, but suddenly loses in 3 minutes to the bury kick.
  6. This is obviously the case, but I want to know what in their minds makes them think this is the right way to go about booking their shows? It's killing their product
  7. Would love to be a fly in the wall in creative.
  8. It almost seems as though Triple H ran that episode of Raw... :shovel: to the US title and the vast majority of the roster.

    Heath Slater was there to take an asswhoopin! If you are going to job someone out to Sheamus, why don't they use an actual jobber?
  9. Be interesting to see the breakdown ratings to see if HHH vs Taker is drawing.
  10. Taker/HHH is almost assuredly drawing

  11. With a Hell in a Cell, that's definitely going to draw.
  12. Two of the most legendary superstars in WWE history, battling over something that's produced epic matches for the last 3 years and seems even bigger than the WWE Championship, in a legendary structure that's produced some of the most epic matches in history? Yeah, that'll draw.
  13. Talking about RAW on its own, not WM. They're not going to be the draws for WM, Cena/Rock is.

    Want to see if they drew this week on RAW. Everyone I speak with hates this feud (apart from JeebaK).
  14. I was also talking about Raw in my post. Casual fans heavily outweigh smarky, snarky, bitchy IWC fans like ourselves
  15. True but I don't think they've drew recently. Not sure, don't quote me on that. I'll post the ratings as soon as I find them.
  16. It's WWE, it's for kids. Kids are not into deep thinking, they just want cool visuals. I'm telling you, we're getting too old for this shit.
  17. The majority of the WWE's fanbase is 18+ though.
  18. @[Draine] Dude I love your sig it defines how much I hate HHH in general.
  19. Not in the arenas, not in the merch stores.
  20. To be honest it probably is more 18+ males in the arenas, it's close either way. Merch you might be right.

    Overall though, ratings and viewerships are what they want to keep up, as advertisements are their main source of revenue, it makes more a lot more than merchandise that's for sure.

    Lower ratings/viewers = less potential companies wanting WWE to advertise their product.
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