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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Neptune, Oct 20, 2015.

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  1. Some of them idk who they are or get why they were chosen. Splain.

    Mine is obvious. I am a pokemon nerd who likes Vaporeon. In spite loathing Halloween, I am being a hipster and using a Jack-O-Lantern that a Vaporeon sat inside. He fits he sits.
  2. Who?/What?: Shinsuke Nakamura wearing brown people clothes and a fez.
    Why?: It's freaking Nakamura wearing brown people clothes and a freaking fez, why not?

    Previously I had Kota Ibushi.

    He's my current favorite in DDT, it usually fluctuates between Ibushi, HARASHIMA and Kudo.
  3. It's the Sumerian Death Squad (Tommy End and Micheal Dante). They're an awesome tag team.
  4. G-Eazy is the man. I'll probably not keep it long, but I doubt I'll change it to anything wrestling related.
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    Well I generally always have my avatar as Okada Kazuchika because, in my opinion, he is the best active wrestler in the world. But I noticed a certain someone stole one of my avatar pics of Okada so I changed mine to his favorite just to be a bit cheeky.

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  7. Just a random Rollins picture, lol, because that's what it's been here for a minute.
    Wanted to find the dark raining hoodie Rollins photo I rocked forever, but couldn't find it again. Deeply saddened by that, it ruled.
    Changed it from the last one because I wanted to change it to something completely random and unrelated, but whenever I did that users started griping, so I just said "eh, yay Rollins and stuff"
  8. ?

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  9. I think I knew what you were talking about... Tried googling for it.. And end up finding something entirely different.... lolol
  10. I had to google his name. I never heard of him.
  11. That was a damn good one and definitely one I'll jump on again. :emoji_slight_smile: Thanks, bud! Always there for us!
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  12. He's pretty exposed if you keep up with the rap scene. I don't really know how to to put it. YouTube has a couple of good channels to help keep up with the newer people, though.
    I wasn't sure if that was the one specifically, but I know that I have it somewhere.
  13. I'll check him out.
  14. Taylor makes my wee wee big
  15. Tall and slender is your type I take it?
  16. It's Kazuchika "Rainmaker" Okada. One of the best wrestlers on God's green earth today.
  17. I love you, too. And I'll be happy to switch if you want. But know this, the reason I'm using the Okada avatar is sort of to express my love for you... And Okada.
  18. It's the swag police.

  19. Awww that's too adorable. Nope you don't have to change it. I'm sure both Okada and myself appreciate it and love you right back.
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  20. :emoji_slight_smile:

    FYI, there are cool pics of Finn on my profile, if you wanna use 'em as your avatar.
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