Explaining Punk's heel turn

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Jul 25, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]

    Botched Spot strikes again. Haha.

    Punk's heel turn will probably be much more interesting than this. I do not need a new straight edge society.
  2. :lol1: :lol1: :lol1:

    Phil Brooks is a dick.

    Also: *Comes to thread* *Expects someone trying to explain how anything in the final segment made any sense at all* *Leaves without answers, yet not disappointed.
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  3. Wait, Rain doesn't understand the final segment? How?
  4. uh oh... mark is watching the punk vs cena match... hope he doesnt see the thread title before he finishes it lol
  5. I wanna see him just live up to the name 'Punk" and just go around being an asshole. Just a classic heel, in other words. I seriously doubt he'll go back to having a straight edge society, although him using his straight edge lifestyle every now and again to try to show how he is superior to others (even in a backstage segment with a fan or something) would be a good idea. It would be cool for them to take from that supposed incident in real life that just happened, where a fan asks Punk for an autograph but Punk just throws his autograph book in the trash.
  6. No, I understand it, but there were a bunch of logic holes if you actually look at it. Like why did the Rock help Cena, how did attacking Rock turn Punk heel when Rock had a full feud with Cena that didn't turn Cena, and Punk ripped Rock as part of a promo last year, so it just makes sense for the Punk character to do such a thing.

    But by wrestling logic it makes sense, it's not that big of a deal. Figured it would be a humorous thread about the logic holes. But Punk's heel and Rain's excited.

    Another great post from KL23 too.
  7. 1) Rock helped Cena because he's a good guy. He has respect for Cena (has mentioned it before). If you start putting logic into face/heel actions then you shouldn't watch professional wrestling lol.

    2) Rock helped Cena during a Big Show (heel) attack. Punk ignored helping Cena and attacked Rock when he was about to hit his signature move on the heel. Not sure how that doesn't turn someone heel tbh, attacking the most over guy in WWE and a GOAT contender, and it being a cheapshot.
  8. It will make things more interesting. Hope there is no straight edge society though... that was crap last time. He needs his badass spiky hair back too.
  9. There won't be a straight edge society. Punk has out grown that, he's a big main event guy now. I also think he should use his hair from New Nexus.
  10. Was expecting a Randy Sandwich kind of shoot video..

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