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Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Zardnaar, Aug 31, 2016.

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    This thread is purely IMHO explaining the 90's and why I think the Attitude era took off. The short answer is it had the right people in the right time. The key components of course are.

    1. The Monday Night Wars with WCW
    2. The right people (Shawn Michael's, Bret Hart, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Vince McMahon, The Rock, Mankind, Kane, HHH etc).
    3. The backdrop of the 1990's.

    This IMHO is why you can't replicate it now. It would be like trying to replicate the Beatles now or why there are no figures around like Hitler or Napoleon.

    As a general rule pop culture phenomenons last around 3 or 4 years or so and probably no longer than 7 or 8. What is popular in one decade will not be popular in the next decade and that is arguably what killed the attitude era. Anything that happens is also a moment in time and every decade usually has one of those. In the 1940's it was the war, then the space race, then the Vietnam war etc.

    For some of you may here this from your "parents- back in my day". That is an old old thing going back to at least Roman times and that is just what we have recorded via the classical texts. So what would define the attitude era? Sex, violence and the music used in the themes would come to mind. Hell people can't even really agree on when the attitude era started sometime in 1997 is the most common response, 1996 maybe with Austins 3:16 speech or even earlier with Goldust turning up.

    The attitude era IMHO started in 1991. WTF huh you might be asking? Hear me out that is when the 80's died, sure the calendar might say 1 thing but usually a decades trends will often trickle over into the following decade including the AE era in 2001 and the tail ends in late 2001/2002.

    Well what happened in 1991. The USSR collapsed but in pop culture grunge became a thing. How is that important? The big hair bands of the 1980's became obsolete overnight. The "edginess" that defined the Monday Night Wars started in 1991. What was grunge compared to other metal/rock music? It was basically angst music usually about hard core drug abuse as opposed to sex drugs and rock of the 80's. Alice in Chains Dirt album and albums featuring the F bomb entered the charts such as Red Hot Chilli Peppers Blood, Suger, Sex, album.

    In a way the children of the 80's were now teenagers. This continued into the 90's as well with Play station overtaking Nintendo (kiddy Super Mario vs Resident Evil etc). Grunge arguably died in 1994 (see previous comment about fads lasting only a few years) but metal and rock variants continued. There was controversy over blood in video games (google Mortal Kombat) and WCW was a bit quicker picking up on this than WWF.

    If you were a "hipster"/metalhead in 1994/1995 you may have been listening to Marilyn Manson- I had a goth friend and was listening to Sweet Dreams in 1995. 1995 was also the year of Alanis Morisette. By 1996 Marilyn Manson exploded onto the public consciousness. By the mid 90's Grunge had been replaced with Industrial metal type acts and Marilyn Manson. Think Nine Inch Nails, the Mortal Kombat soundtrack and similar things. Go to youtube and look up the Mortal Kombat Soundtrack.

    This made it onto the world of wrestling as well. Glacier debuted in WCW based off Sub Zero form mortal combat, Sting was based off The Crow movie and WWE had the headbangers a bit later on, The Beautiful People was used on RAW. Put simply the time was right for an edgier themed wrestling. The mid 90's were also a bit different in other ways due to what was not there. For example.

    1. No social media.
    2. The internet was new. Online game play was rare, no MMOs as such, online deathmatches were to come.
    3. Cellphones existed but were in the business world, no text msging though.

    So it would be easier to sell what later became the AE to a mass audience. No hand held cellphones to record Stone Cold getting bladed.

    Not much in the way of oversight on wrestling either, Shawn Michaels liked his pills, booze was a big problem. For an example of how things can change in 20 year Gays getting married was not really even a thing back then. At my high school coming out could get you a beating and not in a WWE kayfabe type way. They only legalised homosexuality in New Zealand i nthe mid 1980's, in 1994 at my school one of the boys came out of the closest, had his testicles jumped on and spent 3 days in hospital.

    So things were different in the 90's just like things were different in the 1970's when it was not illegal here to rape your wife (that law was passed in the 1980's) and 20 years before that you had civil rights in the USA and 20 years before that you had World War 2 and the resulting atrocities.

    The pop culture events leading up to the Attitude era were specific to the 1990's. Why did the attitude era end?

    WWE: 11 Things That Killed The Attitude Era

    War is Raw did not look so good when the twin towers came down (9/11). Stone Cold and the Rock both left, and story lines played out. What was shocking and risque in 1998 also came a bit old hat in 2001. Tastes in music were also changing and the music of the attitude era in pop culture shifted to things like Limp Bizkit. THe Undertaker was using Rollin as Nu Metal came a thing.

    I mean how do you top certain things in the AE? Had things gone differently how many times can you drag out the Austin/McMahon feud. And some things would not work at all now (the ho train, Stone Cold bringing guns to an event after columbine/school shootings).

    Now this does not mean I think the PG era is a bad idea, it happened for a reason (Benoit). I do not want a return to the attitude era but I would happily see some aspects of it used again (the violence) and even the sex if it was portrayed differently. Things like Game of Thrones exist along with hard core pornography. This doesn't mean I want a repeat of the sexism of the AE but I would be entertained if the women put one over on the men this time around. Game of Thrones seems to be building up to a Sansa's revenge. GRR Martin is a feminist as well:emoji_wink:.

    After 30+ years of sports entertainment being original is going to be hard but you can pay tribute to the past. For example Ric Flairs daughter incorporating elements of his music in her theme works on a women it would be terrible on a guy.

    Hell if done well I could even buy into a female wrestler going over and going to war with Stephanie/HHH. Lana or Bayley going all out dark and using wrestlers like Rusev, Wyatts, and Brock to wreck face would be entertaining for me as long as it is done right (using her brains) over the size of her puppies. Charlotte cheating her ass off (stun guns) to physically dominate the males would also be funny.

    And the most important thing of all would be having wrestlers who are actually charismatic. I suppose an attitude era light without the sexism would work.

    Imagine this for example. Brock does the beat down on someone. Reigns comes out to save them and gets an F5, Stiles comes out and gets an F5, then he gets rushed by some of the roster and he clears the ring. Bayley comes out and she is so nice even the beast will not hit her and leaves the ring. Not because he likes her (lame) but its her "power"/gimmick. Doesn't really make Brock look like a pussy, hitting Bayley is like kicking a puppy, and Bayley gets over with the crowd.

    Or Charlotte nails him with a weapon of some kind and forms a stable. Chyna is gone and there is no female equivalent but use your brains. That perfect storm that enabled the AE is not there anymore.
  2. I agree. The attitude Era just landed in the perfect time. It had all the perfect ingredients and was an amazing time. Even the ruthless aggression era was pretty good for what it was.

    Redoing the attitude Era isn't very possible, although some aspects of wwe lately do somewhat resemble that time. The gritty look to raw again (thank god!) And the sporty look and feel to smackdown, there are shimmers of the past, but obviously things will never be the same

    The only way to bring back the attitude era is by watching the network.
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