'Explanation' of Cesaro's booking

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Shadow, Jul 19, 2014.

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  1. WWE are purposely booking Cesaro the way he has been lately by design. WWE were originally planning for Cesaro to turn babyface thus giving him a big push but those plans were nixed in favor of of Roman Reigns push.

    WWE however still has plans for Cesaro to become a top babyface for the company but will hold out until Reigns is fully established in his current role and look to Cesaro as the next go-to guy.


    I don't see the point in scrapping Cesaro's push in favor of Reigns, why can't both receive proper pushes?
  2. Imagine The Rock and Austin being babyfaces on the rise.

    Booking two guys on the top of the babyface card impact the heat or fanbase one gets. If Cesaro puts out the greatest match in Mankind and Roman doesn't, Cesaro get's more steam. There isn't an infinite amount of wrestling/WWE fans in the world so people take each others popularity with performances. If they want a stable babyface run they need to space them out.
  3. Babyface Cesaro sounds like the worst thing ever.
  4. And so did with Ambrose. Dean is a natural looking heel, yet he's a damn good babyface.
    Give Cesaro a chance, man.
  5. No, Ambrose is good enough on the mic to do whatever.
  6. I think a better explanation is that they don't really know what they're doing. :dawg:
    I mean, I understand not pushing two guys to the main event at the same time but why didn't they turn Cesaro when he won at WM and they did the Real Americans break up? He could've been a face on the midcard for a while, it wouldn't hurt him.
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  7. I don't buy this for one second. Lol.

    Maybe they know more than I do about how they're appealing to the adult male fans in 2014, but I can't see them in the writers room saying "Hmmm, how can we get Cesaro over as a big babyface... I know! Lets stick Paul Heyman with him!" :dawg:

    Understand why they wouldn't be high on Cesaro as a main-eventer since he's apparently not a good talker, but if there's one thing we've learned from the Ryback and Roman Reigns pushes, it's that sometimes not being the traditional promo-cutting top guy isn't the way to go. The more those two talked, the less special they felt. And if there's anyone out there whose actions can speak louder than their words it's Cesaro while he's hossing Big E across the announcers table with one arm.
  8. Yeah, and then he jobs to Big E! Great way to get him over. :dawg:
  9. Don't forget he jobbed to Kofi as well, two weeks in a row, if I'm correct.
  10. Indeed. I like Kofi and Big E, but they're jobbers at this point and they're pinning Cesaro.
  11. Seriously?
  12. that's nuts. The more I hear about the E lately the less I want to watch
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  13. What, is Cena vs Orton vs Kane vs Reigns in a PPV main event not enough for ya?

    (I seriously didn't know Cesaro was being treated like that. Wtf that's ridiculous.)
  14. I could have sworn you are an every weeker
  15. On Hulu, with shit like this cut out. And a fast-forward button. And my phone to play on. And even then being able to shut the show off in case I see an HQ D'Z Thread that tells me a main event blows.

    so I'm a weekly 1/6 of the show viewer you could say

    anyway I'm reading elsewhere that "Cesaro jobbing is just setup for us to be SURPRISED when he wins the IC Title Battle Royal on Sunday" yippie. Well, that is effective buildup for winning the IC belt.
  16. lol

    people always speculate that losing streaks are apart of an angle. It usually isn't, and even when it is WWE sucks at executing it.

    IC title lol. he should have won it after mania
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  17. I'm not really enamored with the idea of Cesaro as a top face anyhow, but it's a shame that receiving a "push" these days means having to be main event or nothing. If they weren't planning on at least giving him the Intercontinental Championship (although that belt is a curse for anyone who wears it these days) after being paired with Paul Heyman, why not just keep him as one half of The Real Americans? Especially since they've went and apparently turned Swagger and Zeb into babyfaces anyway... this whole USA vs Russia storyline has managed to get Swagger over (although I don't see the audience continuing to stay invested in him after the angle is over), so imagine if Cesaro were in Swagger's position instead. Furthermore, imagine the reaction Cesaro gets if he actually defeats Rusev. You wouldn't even have had to break The Real Americans apart yet, just have Cesaro occupied with something else while Rusev crushes Swagger and puts him on the shelf, and then in comes Cesaro to step up to the challenge next.

    All in all, I actually think the Shield breakup might have screwed up Cesaro's push a bit. The decision to break The Shield apart was apparently made about three weeks before Payback, meaning that Cesaro may have originally been slated to win the MITB briefcase before they decided to go with a freshly turned Rollins instead. Not that Cesaro would have probably been jobbing any less (they often exhibit a bad habit of jobbing out their MITB winners under the belief that they're 'bulletproof'), but still.
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  18. Yup... Which sucks
  19. Real Americans were a jobber, comedy team, who never got near the tag titles. Lol @ wanting Cesaro involved with that shit
  20. I can't imagine Cesaro as a face but perhaps it could work out if he had a very supportive storyline to support the change.
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