Explosions at Boston Marathon

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    Video of 1st explosion (NSFW/GRAPHIC)



    Two explosions roughly 20 seconds apart.

    NYPD have setup an anti-terrorism taskforce to secure landmarks around Manhattan.


    UPDATE: A THIRD explosion being reported at JFK Library.
    UPDATE: Fire at Library was an electrical fault: https://twitter.com/JFKLibrary/status/323894638681419776
  2. CNN says "at least 6 people hurt". From what I've heard no casualties. Keeping it on the news, hard to focus on anything else with this going on.

    No, it's not an inside job, rednecks.
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  3. Sky in the UK says at least 3 confirmed with missing limbs.
  4. This is horrific, thoughts go out to everyone hurt, and I just hope there is no casualties.

    Edit* Sky news say 3 or 4 reported dead, horrifying scenes being shown.
  5. Very interesting. 1st explosion has already gone off, and just as the 2nd one goes off and the pic is taken, there's a geezer on the roof. Not saying it's related but interesting don't ya think? If there's an explosion you'd get down and get to safety.

  6. "It's clear that this is a bombing, involving small portable devices that could be carried in small packages" -Boston Chief of Police

    Several hotels were evacuated for suspicious packages.
  7. Yep, another two packages have been found and currently being dismantled by bomb squad.

    Just seen this from someone who lives in Boston on Facebook:

    "Bomb locations identified:

    JFK Library
    Mandarin Oriental Hotel

    Plus the two that have gone off so far"
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  8. Oriental Hotel has been confirmed, JFK Library's a likely target.

    Sky is all over this, ABC is confirming all the stuff you say after you say it.
  9. Try this if it lets you, seems to be most up to date:
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  10. Area in front of white house cordened off with tape.
  11. Some familys of Newtown shootings were in the VIP section, right in front of where the first blast went off.
  12. They're definitely keeping the government safe. Big props to the police and bomb squads who're risking their lives trying to prevent another bombing.
  14. No way in hell is this coincidence, bombs in JFK library now, don't know how somebody could do this.
  15. Not much in this image, just a burnt building, but image of JFK Library:

  16. UPDATE: Fire at JFK Library was electrical fault: https://twitter.com/JFKLibrary/status/323894638681419776
  17. Bullshit.
  18. LA (Dodgers game tonight), New York and London are all stepping up their security.
  19. Wow, I hope none of them were hurt or anything.
  20. Who would do such a thing? No, Kim-Jong-Un. Your piece of land isn't better than ours. No, gun enthusiasts, this isn't proving a point. No, random terrorists, we aren't afraid of you.

    Dear all of you: Enough of this. Go away.
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