Extreme Rising Results; Matt Hardy Update After He Nearly Died

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by Testify, Nov 18, 2012.

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  1. Results:

    Jay Bradley over Christian York
    Extreme Rising Championship Tournament: Stevie Richards over Papadon
    Extreme Rising Championship Tournament: Luke Hawx over Saturn
    Team Blue Balls (Blue Meanie & Balls Mahoney) over Da Lost Boys
    Bestia 666 over Facade
    BLK-OUT (Ruckus and Sabian) over The FBI, New Jack came out afterwards and beat BLK-OUT up and cut a promo
    Raven cut a promo until Stevie Richards came out, they teased a Loser Leaves Town match until "A New Flock" came out, Stevie came back and beat them while Raven disappeared.
    Extreme Rising Championship Tournament: Devon Storm over Sabu
    Extreme Rising Championship Tournament: Rhino over Homicide
    Shane Douglas vs. Matt Hardy went to a no-contest, run-ins included Hawx, Balls, Sandman, Homicide, Papadon & Saturn. Matt Hardy was injured during the match with what was thought to be at least a concussion.


    Ok, let me try and remember this trainwreck. There were no mats on the floor, just concrete. Hardy went to the top rope, Luke Hawx came out and SHOVED Hardy off the top who took a goddamn hellacious bump to the floor. He was never seen again and for all I know he could be dead. I guess they had to improvise so most of the locker room came out for a huge brawl, sandman's music hit and people just started disappearing. No beer with Sandman, by the way. Obviously, no finish to this main event mess and the show ended with Douglas (still wrestling in a tshirt by the way) outside the ring and all kind of people surrounding the possibly dead Matt Hardy.

    Plus an update from PWInsider:


    It appears Matt Hardy nailed his head when he was shoved off the top to the floor by Luke Hawx during the main event of the Extreme Rising iPPV. According to several readers who were ringside, Hardy got sick after hitting the floor and appeared to be going into convulsions. It could be a concussion but obviously that's not confirmed.

    He did sit up before the PPV went off the air but medical staff asked him to lay back down. Am ambulance was called to the building and Hardy will be taken to a local hospital to get checked out. As of this writing, he is still on the floor at ringside. The promotion asked the crowd to clear out as soon as the event went off the air. [

    Update: EMTs are on hand but as of 11:26 PM, Hardy still had not been moved.

    Update 2: Hardy finally returned to the locker room under his own power after being checked out by EMTs. The belief is he suffered a concussion.

    Here's the vid:

  2. God what a bump! Hope he makes it out okay.

    Read the results earlier and seems like a pretty meh/okay show overall. The fact that Douglas continues to book himself in the main event is a turn off for me though. Let's hope Hardy is actually stronger than death.
  3. Hope he's okay. Probably is.
  4. I am squeamish so I won't be checking out that bump. Hope he's okay.
  5. You don't see much of the bump itself since the crowd covers it up. But their reaction says is all.
  6. And btw, who in the blue hell is Luke Hawkx? :dawg:

    Shane Douglas is just pathetic, I see reports that he sucked ass in the main event, while Hardy was trying to pull something decent out of him.
  7. Lol, so many views in so small replies thread.

    Good thread title = DRAW.
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