Extreme Rules Extreme Rules 2014 Discussion Thread

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Roadster, Apr 16, 2014.

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    Where?: Izod Center, East Rutherford NY/NJ
    When?: May 4th, 2014.


  2. This is really early lol, we usually don't have them this early do we?
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  3. I missed the Kane v DB & Shield v Evolution official announcements I suppose.
    I've only seen Paige v. Tamina; John v. Bray Wyatt and Big E. v. Tourny Winner.
  4. I made the WM one after the first 3 matches as i did this one. The time is varied on the matches announced. A couple days before ER happens i'll change this into the LD.

    Plus it's 2 weeks away so i made a discussion thread.
  5. Make it when all matches are announced next time. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  6. I'm so pumped for Evolution Vs Shield.
  7. I think this ER is shaping up to look pretty bad but then again it is the aftermath PPV of WM30 so I can't be too mad.

    I think DB vs. Kane will be a terrible first title defence for Bryan. There is a part of me that feels bad for him because he has gone from headlining WM30 to defending against Kane in the warm-down PPV. We have seen this contest countless times now and I can't see that re-masking Kane will add to their in-ring dynamics. The other part of me fully accepts that Evolution vs. The Shield is a more headline-worthy match than DB vs. Kane.

    The only way I will be happy after this PPV is if Wyatt wins the follow-up match against Cena in the steel cage. I think he really needs to win this contest, the loss at WM30 didn't really damage Wyatt but I feel like a loss at ER would be damaging for his progression. A win against Cena at any PPV is huge for any rising superstar.
  8. I'm looking forward to ER. I think the Evolution/Shield match and the IC Title match look promising.

    As to the points you bring up, the quality of the Kane/DB match will be directly related to how Bryan reacts to Kane's appearance as "masked Kane". If he reacts with trepidation or nervousness (selling the idea that Kane, when masked, is an unpredictable monster), then the fans will buy in and the two guys' capacity to work will make the match entertaining.

    For Cena/Wyatt, I've felt all along that Cena would win at Mania, but Wyatt would go over in the ER match. I see this progression as being right on schedule.

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  9. I can definitely see where you are coming from regarding Bryan's reaction to Kane's re-masking. I guess right now I am not excited but maybe the next few weeks will build the rivalry up more to increase excitement.

    I hope you are right and that Wyatt does pick up the victory at ER, a clean victory preferably.
  10. Hope Wyatt gets the win this time, stupid its not at Mania but ah well.
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  11. Wyatt goes over Cena at Mania = IWC: happy, casuals: WTF?
    Cena goes over Wyatt at Mania = IWC: "typical Cena bullshit, casuals: :yay:

    Wyatt goes over Cena at ER = IWC: :yay:, casuals: "Wyatt beat Cena? Awesome, dude!"
    Cena goes over Wyatt at ER = IWC: "typical Cena bullshit", casuals: "Wyatt's a jobber"

    It's a far better solution for all the fans (and for the talent) for Cena to win at Mania and Wyatt to win at ER.

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  12. Came in here for that reason, you beat me to it. Tell em Seab, you tell em.
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  13. Look at Crayo's post bro, plus this is just a discussion thread not the LD yet.
  14. IDGAF about crayo's post, this happens for TNA early by 5+ days weekly and a lot of ppv's, especially WM.

    Just be realistic about it, I dont want to have a thread made 3 weeks early for the shit, this isn't the superbowl.
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  15. Doesn't matter, it's still a good amount of weeks for the pay-per-view, it defeats the purpose.
  16. What purpose it's a discussion thread? Lol.
    What does it matter? The card is likley not going to grow anymore now that it's 2 weeks away.
  17. You're kinda clueless sometimes.
  18. :mad2:
    A discussion thread has no purpose other than a place to talk about the subject, this is not the Live Discussion it's just the discussion thread. I made it to give a preview to the people here and for people to express their thoughts on the card. And a couple of days before the PPV i ask a mod to make it live.
  19. You're dodging my point.
  20. Oh yeah, it's 2 weeks away and i made a discussion thread to hear other's opinion on the card before ultimately becoming a LD. There you go :happy:
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