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Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Sharpy aint SAWFT, Apr 24, 2015.

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  1. This Sunday, April 26th, marks the 2015 Extreme Rules PPV event.. This year the PPV comes to us from the Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Illinois.

    Kick-Off Tag Team Title Match

    Chicago Street Fight

    Singles Match for the Divas Title

    Last Man Standing Match

    Kiss Me Arse Match

    Steel Cage Match w/ the RKO Banned for the WWE WHC Title

    Russian Chain Match

    Singles Match for the Intercontinental Title

    Kick off starts at 7:30 PM Eastern Time, tune in and discuss live with the community in the chat, there is a link at the top of the thread and at the top of the site to get there.
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  2. I see DB vs BNB is still listed, but the rumors have been saying Bryan might not return till (after) Payback. Guess we'll find out this Sunday.
  3. So comical to me that Vince is desperate to get his pet project Reigns over, yet feels the best way to do it is a 10 month feud with Big Show.

    More baffling than comical actually
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  4. Card looks OK (ignoring build).
  5. I'm hyped for Sunday
  6. The entire narrative have shifted to "OMG how dare WWE saddle him with YET ANOTHER boring ass feud with the Big Show! Sure he doesn't deserve to main event Mania but dammit he deserves better than this! WAAAAH WWE STOP BURYING ROMAN", hasn't it? If so, it's the perfect opponent, no?
  7. The people that are that fickle are just going to turn on him once again if he is pushed, so I doubt they are trying to cater to someone with that approach to things. You can't please the people who constantly change what they are asking for
  8. Well, now Daniel Bryan should be out of the way... Idk. I'm not the guy to answer this, lol. Haven't had the desire to even throw curse words in the Rate Raw thread lately. Anyway, generic reply about how they did good things with him before and should go back to doing that, complete with realization halfway through that it's still WWE so don't hold your breath. RANDOM WORDS IN ALL CAPS. Lucha Underground plug.

    Thing is, I expect Reigns vs Big Show to be MUCH better than we anticipate (not hard to do lol). If that's the case, that's now 3 straight PPV matches where Roman Reigns over-delivered in a BIG way, and this time, he'll get ALL the credit.
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  9. Not a bad card at all. Sheamus/Ziggler or Rollins/Orton will steal the show.
  10. I hope Dean "No PPV wins" Ambrose gets to win his first PPV match since like SummerSlam 2014.
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  11. I still think the Kiss Me Arse match is stupid... make it a fucking Falls Count Anywhere match where the winner Kisses the Ass not a One Fall to finish. We can never get an "extreme" enough card, the Intercontinental Title is an exception for Bryan's injury. The Street Fight I think will be good, I mean hell! It's Ambrose! Maybe the Cage match will be good...
  12. Yeah, about that... Even though it's still listed, it wouldn't surprise me if it doesn't happen, seeing as how the word on the street is DB might not be back till (after) Payback.
  13. Fuck... no Intercontinental Champion until late May?
  14. That may very well be the case. I mean, it wouldn't surprise me. But let's hope for the best this Sunday... and expect the worst.
  15. Better be the best, i'm probably watching tomorrow
  16. Oooh yeah. #TeamOptimism

    I'll just watch the pre-show live and then finish up watching the rest of the show the next day.
  17. How is there not one version of a T, L, or C match on the ER card? :dafuq:

    Although I suppose 'No DQ' is really just as good

    Who's going to be around for the LD tomorrow?
  18. Your boy, but yeah I just realized... no Ladder match, no Tables match, no Chairs match? No TLC? Whose writing this card?
  19. Update On Daniel Bryan's Status

  20. In case no one knows it's already been announced DB is out and we'll get Barrett vs Neville on the pre-show while the tag title match goes to the main show.
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