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    It's weird that they are taking a break from Reigns. Maybe they're gonna give him time to go over with the crowd before another shot. Maybe a more organic approach rather than being stuffed down the fans' throats sort of thing.
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  2. It makes sense, Orton recently beat Rollins just before he cashed in so he should deserve a title match. Besides, their WM match was epic and I want to see that kind of motivated Randy vs Seth again.
  3. no complaints, would be a good match.
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  4. This is fine. It makes sense as Orton pinned him at WM and shall be fun. It's also cool they're holding Reigns off from the WWE title picture for a while, they really should try and build him up right this time if they're still gonna go that direction. It's weird that it's 2015 and I'm enjoying Orton, but such is life.
  5. Expected but lame. feud should have ended at Mania. They won't top that match plus we know Seth won't lose

    boooooooring start to this reign for Seth
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  6. It'll be a Triple Threat between Orton/Rollins/Reigns.. It is ER after all.. It won't be just a regular singles match.
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  7. Not surprised, but not gonna complain either.

    If it's an Extreme Rules match, which it should be, all of 'em should have some 'extreme' stipulation, Rollins is most likely winning via some shenanigans.
  8. Heard their WM match was kind of good? Is it true? Or was it another finisher fest?
  9. It was good, indeed.
  10. It was the only good match outside of the ME
  11. it was great. Quick, back and forth action....the RKO Randy hit was simply brilliant...kudos to Seth and Orton for the timing on that one.
  12. I doubt they want Reigns losing two consecutive PPV title matches. It seems Reigns might be headed into a feud with Big Show (again.)

    It'd be in their best interests to keep Reigns away from the title picture for the time being and work on trying to do whatever is necessary to salvage his character as a babyface. Whatever they try likely won't succeed, but having him fight from the bottom to earn another title shot (i.e. going after the MITB briefcase in June) rather than being immediately inserted into the main event again would be best imo.
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  13. If this is the case, WWE always amazes me with their bs. I know they can't always get it right. But big show again???? Have him fight bray Wyatt or something. They're realizing that they pushed roman too quickly and didn't let him really build so now they're back pedaling a little bit and waiting for him to fight for the belt at summerslam.
  14. Hopefully J&J will be out of it at least through the ppv and they book Seth to win solo and look like less of a pussy champ, I cannot stand the bitch heel gimmicks.
  15. lol get real jabroni. This title run is going to be chickenshit 101
  16. i agree. Lesnar is the only heel in recent memory, and sometimes Bray Wyatt, to not need 30 people help them win.
  17. I was being optimistic. We both know it will let us down, but oh well. Honestly how you didn't like the Bray stuff was beyond me. The entirety of WM was scripted matches, I thought they did it exactly how it should have gone.

    @Snowman knows about the bitch heel championships and how well they last. They don't and I hope we are wrong man.
  18. are you talking to me, aids? lol
  19. what the fuck is aids talking about lol
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