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  1. Given that for the most part, the shows (well, RAW) these past few weeks have been rather subpar, I really can’t say I’m all excited for the upcoming PPV but unfortunately it is what it is and I guess the main reason for this is the fact that almost all the matches on the card are basically rematches from Payback with the addition of various stipulations. Granted, this is not necessarily a bad thing but the booking and writing has been so awful that there’s really little room for optimism so one can only hope that at least something significant can come out by the end of the PPV.

    With that being said, here are my thoughts/predictions:

    Baron Corbin vs Dolph Ziggler: NO DQ Match (kickoff)

    I’ve already expressed my disapproval of this match taking place on the preshow since I feel this time around Corbin should’ve been featured on the main show but we can’t change that so at least I’m hopeful WWE will do the right thing here by having Corbin pick up the win. If it didn’t already make sense for Corbin to lose at Payback, it sure as hell would make no sense whatsoever if he were to lose for a second straight time so I guess this one should be a lock. Typical 50-50 WWE booking...

    Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows vs The Usos: Texas Tornado Match

    Most of us already agree that Anderson and Gallows have been booked like shit and looked like pussies so I’ll be damned if they didn’t pick up the win here. Actually, fuck that, a simple win isn’t good enough: they should DESTROY the Usos, fuck them up badly and leave them in a pool of blood type of mess.

    Kalisto vs Rusev: United States Championship

    If WWE is indeed looking to rebuild Rusev into the monster he was his first year around, then him winning here is the only choice. He’s finally solo again (thank God the LON crap is over), he’s got Lana on his side and quite frankly, at this point WWE is in great need of credible heels cause there aren’t really that many available these days. Now granted, Rusev has a long way to go in order for him to be established as the dominant force he once was before the stupid angle with Ziggler and then his role on LON but you got to start somewhere, right?

    On the other hand, there’s always the idea that they may want to continue the Kalisto push with another win over a “bigger” guy but, seriously, is this really going anywhere? I mean, what’s to remember about Kalisto’s title reign and what is there to look for? He isn’t getting that great of a reaction anymore, he can barely talk on the mic (forget about any promo) and he even fucking slipped and almost fell (anyone catch that?) during his entrance on Monday. Simply put, forget about the Rey Mysterio comparisons and just put him back in the tag team division with Sincafa.

    This is WWE we are talking about so logic a lot of times goes out the window but I’m going with what I feel is the right move here, thus crowning Rusev the new United States Champion.

    And no, I don’t think Rusev winning on Sunday sets up a match with the returning John Cena, something that I know has been talked of lately. I mean, if WWE were to rebuild him only to feed him a month later to Cena, what’s the point? Just my two cents…

    Fatal 4 Way Intercontinental Championship

    This is by far the toughest one to call. In my view, all 4 participants have an equal chance of winning and you could easily make a case for each and every one.

    I’d probably write off Sami Zayn first since I think it may be a bit too early for him, plus he already did get the pin on the go home show.

    KO? If you ask me, he’s probably the face of the company right now. This guy just does it all, whether it’s inside the ring, the trash talk, the commentaries, everything and everybody just loves him even though he’s a heel. What better a reward than to give him the belt back?

    Cesaro? Another one that is really liked and definitely deserving of better things.

    Having thought about this long and hard, I’m going with the Miz to retain. I feel that Owens and Zayn will probably have their personal feud get the best of them, eventually knocking each other out of the match and eventually allow the Miz to get some sneaky win to retain his title.

    What I think is quite telling about this is the fact that the commentators have mentioned on numerous occasions how the odds do not favor the Miz and all that crap. I mean, it’s one thing to mention it once or twice, but to be repeating it over and over just makes me think that somehow, the Miz will find a way to retain the belt. He also has his wife on his side, plus they’re now doing the whole red carpet thing during his entrance so all that tells me that he’s probably holding on to that belt for a bit longer.

    WWE Tag Team Championship: The New Day vs The Vaudevillains

    While one can argue that the Vaudevillains need this win a lot more than the New Day do (they’re already as over as it gets so it wouldn’t make much of a difference at this point if they had the belts or not), I’m picking the New Day to retain, mostly thinking long-term and specifically Summerslam, where I can easily picture a match between New Day against Enzo and Cass. I’ve already talked about this a while back and I’m sure most will agree that this would be a great way to go: two face teams, arguably the two best teams, going at it at the biggest event of the summer in red hot Brooklyn, where eventually Enzo and Cass can be crowned new champions.

    WWE Womens Championship: Charlotte vs Natalya Submission Match

    Charlotte here should be considered a lock and frankly, WWE have made it so damn obvious that it’s hard to think otherwise so unless we are in for a big time swerve, Charlotte should retain in a clean fashion, which is something I feel she really needs anyway.

    Thinking long-term once more and eying Summerslam in Brooklyn, what better than Charlotte vs Sasha Banks really for the title?

    Dean Ambrose vs Chris Jericho: Asylum Match

    Hoping that this time their match will be less boring than what we saw at Payback (which shouldn’t be that hard to pull off given the environment and toys provided), the obvious choice here I think is Dean Ambrose. Not only that, I also hope that once this ridiculous feud is over, WWE will have something a lot more meaningful in store for Ambrose…

    WWE World Heavyweight Championship: Roman Reigns vs AJ Styles

    This is your typical case of having to basically figure out the “how” rather than the “who” since it’s rather obvious that we are all stuck with Roman Reigns, whether we like it or not.

    First things first, there is no doubt that Roman retains. I love AJ Styles and all but we all know the drill so unless WWE pulls the trigger on the ultimate surprise, Reigns walks out still champion.

    Now, we all also know that certain people will interfere, however will it be just Gallows and Anderson along with the Usos which we all expect or would there be a third party involved during or after this match? At this point, I guess it’s all a matter of how WWE is going to approach things. Does the feud between Reigns and AJ end this Sunday or do they keep it going?

    The way I see it, one idea is after Roman Reigns pins Styles, you could have Seth Rollins make the surprise return and attack Reigns post match, making a statement that he’s back and after what’s rightfully his, since he never did lose the belt to begin with.

    Another idea that I’ve been toying with recently would have the Wyatts being inserted somehow into the picture, even though I would have preferred the circumstances to be better, thus “The Club” being booked strong rather than random idiots. So, maybe Bray is the one that comes out post match and attacks Roman Reigns.

    Shortly before Bray got injured, we all remember how he teased in a couple of occasions at least his interest (?) for the belt: remember the intriguing stare downs with Triple H first and then Roman Reigns? I do and I also remember the crowd reaction, which was quite big. So picture this: ideally AJ Styles with a strong “Club” on one hand, Roman with his “Family” on the other and then Bray Wyatt with his mates. Don’t know about you guys, but this sounds like an explosive situation that could lead to a really big story for the summer, depending of course on how soon Bray will be back and ready to go.

    I understand, it’s probably making things way too complicated but I could even go one further. Since Seth Rollins will come back as a baby face for sure and since there isn't anything meaningful for Dean Ambrose these days, perhaps Roman Reigns goes on to reform the Shield. If you have the Club going after him (should WWE elect that the feud with Styles continues) and then the Wyatts also going after him, maybe the Uso’s get somehow erased from the picture (either the Club or the Wyatts could simply lay them out in some backstage promo and knock them out of the equation), in which case Rollins and Ambrose step in.

    Yeah, I know, my imagination at this point is running wild but these are just a couple of examples/ideas that simply point out the potential available and in WWE's disposal. Hey, my ideas may be foolish or stupid but the point here is there are just so many things they can do in order to create a damn good story that can carry through the summer and it would be such a waste if they didn't capitalize on something. This, exactly, is the reason of the bitching and moaning (not just me but from most of us I gather) about the poor booking of Gallows and Anderson.

    Enjoy the PPV folks !!!
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  2. Disclaimer: These predictions are based on a months worth of recaps, as I haven't been watching (personal reasons). So anything I say about angles could be wrong and all, but let's wing it...


    ..:facepalm1: This match AGAIN!? After Ziggler flukishly won last month for no reason whatsoever? They've established Corbin really well in this feud but damn, why did they have to call up 287472947 dudes all at once!? Maybe for Austin Aries's open challenge Apollo Crews can show up on NXT and they can team up in the name of "damn we're some sweet porches but all the impact is going over to these Lamborghini's like AJ Styles and SHINSUKE FUCKING NAKAMURA. Sad Aries... Anyway calling Ziggler to win again lol

    Can someone let me know how Gallows and Anderson are doing? I don't care about their NJPW history - yes, their matches are good, but in an environment that's more accepting of simple brutality and smashing dudes for real unlike the ultra-PC style here in the States (and El Patron was awesome too!)... - I just saw two bald future jobbers. Luke Gallows in 2016, really, who the fuck cares about Luke Gallows. Lol. After watching this guy be absolutely terrible in 2 promotions under different gimmicks, now we wanna protect him!? What's gotten into us, now everyone wants Carlito of all people back, why!? One reason! Enough of these asscl... *ahem* anyway... If we're going down the " build these guys up" path or even the NJPW history, the BC knows how to crush a couple of young bucks who do a thousand super kicks

    I don't even know what to write about the US Title match. If they want to build up a heel for a future Reigns opponent I "guess" Rusev could work, but then you have to keep him away from this title. I hope Cena gets the title back, and if that's the case a 25 minute battle on Raw with Kalisto - and avoiding the reminder of that godawful Rusev-Cena feud - is the way to go for sure. Or we can push Rusev as a face which you can't do with the belt or... Just have no idea.

    Oh boy this IC title match though! Yeah! This is gonna be awesome! My prediction though is that Cesaro is going beast mode all over KO and pummeling him in the corner, Maryse distracts (because she would make a nice Bond girl :emoji_wink: ), Sami slams Owens with the kick, and Miz who was literally chilling outside the whole match just pulls Zayn's leg out and steals the pin. Hahahahaha. :emoji_slight_smile: Hope Miz can beat out Honky Tonk Man's reign, that sounds awesome hahaha. Maybe KO can get his head on straight and join the ME scene soon, this midcard feud is buzzing with all this great talent here, but Zayn/Cesaro/especially Owens can't waste their time with this forever...

    Don't know what'll happen with the tag titles... Call me crazy but I almost hope some moronic finish happens. Anything to continue this feud! OK with either result, New Day can have a historic run and this is the most over the Villains will ever be, so cool

    Simple stuff with the Asylum match: Ambrose not just wins but looks VERY strong in victory. This match can't make up for that WM burial, but smashing Jericho with all these different weapoms certainly can't hurt trying to get him back over!

    Charlotte vs Natalya... I'm sensing something stupid happens here yet again. A finish to make Charlotte seem like she's learned well from Flair could be cool, but they'll have to try really hard to get that over (and they won't).. But that's the most realistic outcome... Match will be good, but after the wonderfulness of the Mania match we can't associate this title with horrible finishes... Also where is Sasha? It doesn't hurt in the grand scheme of things, but an explanation on what's keeping her away from the title picture would be nice

    The main event... What if Gallows and Anderson just kill both dudes and give us a Nexus-style closer? I'd love to see AJ and Roman vs the Club at MITB. Anyway it's likely something interesting will happen here, let's not predict and just find out
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  3. As I've already said in the Rate Raw thread... The way some of the angles went down, reverse booking logic says this: All champions are retaining on Sunday.

    I'm sticking with that, although I wouldn't be surprised if Rusev defeated Kalisto, only to lose the title to Cena when he returns on Memorial Day. But, we'll see.

    Now, as far as DZ vs Corbin goes, I'm going with Corbin. Again. I thought their match at Payback was the most predictable one and yet DZ won for no reason. lol So, I guess it's Corbin's turn to win.

    The Asylum match is a no-brainer. Ambrose wins and avenges the death of Mitch The Plant and Jericho's (probably) leaving after the event.

    Gallows & Anderson vs The Usos in a Texas Tornado match. Gallows and Machine Gun should destroy The Usos. In like 5 minutes. And leave them in a puddle of blood, urine and vomit.
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  4. Aside the fact that we are pretty much on the same page regarding the PPV, man, I absolutely love your signature poster. Better Call Paul? Simply brilliant !!!! :booker2:
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  5. Unfortunately I won't be able to watch the show live, may 2 4 weekend here in the great white north (Victoria day). and although Monday is the actual holiday I work bright and early so watching the entire show when I get home Sunday is pretty much out of the question.
    That being said, I am somewhat interested in most matches.

    Corbin needs the win. By a large marine and he needs to be moved to main shows really soon. If he loses then he better beat the hell out of ziggy. They're also making baron look like a pussy for the most part. Like when Dolph attacked him during his entrance, instead of standing his ground and fighting he fled. Like wtf. So he needs the W here.

    Gallows/Anderson vs usos.
    Personally the way their feud has gone and how big of pussies those 2 have been made to look like I don't give a shit about the outcome. Unless they are booked to go beast mode on them (which I do not see happening) then I don't care lol.

    Fatal 4 way
    Interesting. I also see the miz retaining. Cesaro would be the only other real option as zayn and owens have their feud ongoing like you said, will get the best of them here.

    US title match, whatever. Honestly don't care for either guy right now. So congrats to the winner lol.

    Tag titles. Again don't care for either team.
    I'll continue to say this, unless the new day drop their gay entrance video, I do not support them. Pink, unicorns, rainbows. I can't stand it.

    Womens title. We've seen this match a thousand times. And having Charlotte tap immediately in the promo contract signing means she's retaining lol.

    And the main event should be interesting. I kinda hope Reigns reigns supreme lol.
    Really though, as much as I've down talked him in the past I don't mind him as much these days. But if they have styles win abd continue with the club, they need to book them stronger almost as body guards.
    Anything can happen though and I'll watch it probably Monday afternoon. Won't make it to the main event if I try and watch some Sunday night when I get home.
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  6. Forgot about the asylum match.
    Concept wise, the most interesting match. Contestant wise, not so much. Although I like ambrose and Jericho, I have doubts about them making this amazing. I'm hoping I'm wrong but not expecting anything special. Probably a bunch of omg he's gonna.... oh nvm he missed. Lol
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