Extreme Rules and Payback PPV will be better than WM heres why

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jan 24, 2014.

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  1. Extreme Rules and Payback PPV will be better than Wrestlemania 30 you know why

    Extreme Rules May 2014 is held in Daniel Bryan's hometown

    Payback June 2014 is held in CM Punk's hometown

    Looks like these two will dominate those PPV's

    Just imagine how loud the crowd will be in Seattle Washington at Extreme Rules if Daniel won the title

    With the news of CM Punk's contract expiring at Payback it could be CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan

  2. Most ppv's will be better than Mania.
  3. ?

    This year's Mania card is shaping up to look pretty unpredictable. Certainly looking to be better than last year's, especially given that we'll be getting fresh matches (except for maybe Orton/Batista, but I have doubts about it happening since they teased it on Raw this past Monday.)
  4. I'm keeping my expectations low this year so I can enjoy it. I put them high every year and became disappointed. But the 30th anniversary should turn out well because we might actually get Brock/Taker or Cena/Taker.
  5. My expectations for Mania are at rock bottom.

    The only obvious match so far, Punk v Hunter, will suck in terms of promos/build and the match itself, imo. At this point Sting looks most likely to face The Streak, not interested in that. Then the other big matches will be filled by Batista, Cena, and Orton... yawn. Let's hope Hogan doesn't return to the ring too, Hopefully Bryan & Lesnar can carry the show, or we could have one of the worst manias in recent memory. And I'm not optimistic about the Shield or Wyatts being booked well.
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  6. Erm ok as performing in someones hometown makes it better than WM?
  7. It makes perfect snese Daniel Bryan will probably win the title in his hometown at Extreme Rules and not Wrestlemania 30. CM Punk will get a good send off at Payback in his hometown then he quits
  8. Mania sucks every year, so not exactly a stretch to say this. it being in Punk or Bryan's hometown really doesn't make a shits bit of difference though.
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  9. So by being better than a complete shit fest of a PPV it means it is anything worthwhile? I could wrestle FTJ in his backyard and it would be better than the past 3 Manias
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  10. I'd Ashley pay to see that.
  11. How I'd book these two PPVs:
    - Bryan wins the title at Mania
    - Punk turns heel by attacking Bryan at the post-WM RAW
    - Bryan (c) v Punk at ER - Bryan retains
    - Punk wants one more shot in front of his Chicago crowd
    - Authority allows it but says if Punk loses he can never challenge for title again
    - Bryan (c) v Punk at PB - Bryan retains, Punk gets HBK-like reaction to close show
    - Punk takes some months off and possibly gets a Lesnar/Jericho contract
  12. 2 years in the making
  13. #Flaw
    Orton has his rematch clause.
  14. I'm still waiting for the Dolph's vs Jeff Savage boiler room brawl.
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  15. Hopefull he will fail another wellness test.
  16. Ok, Bryan beats Lesnar at Mania and he's too ashamed to show his face again in WWE
  17. Oh hell no
    Makes no sense. Although, Rock did that, so....
  18. how? as you said, WWE only use rematch clause when it suits them.
  19. No, but the main thing that made Wrestlemania 29 dreadful is that they half-assed the buildup because they figured they could coast on the hype of the Rock/Cena rematch (and the presence of Brock Lesnar) to sell the show. But the fact that WM29 didn't break the buy rate record like they expected it to combined with the fact that they don't have The Rock at their disposal this year (and Batista is no Rock) means that they'll have to put more effort into the build up this year.
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