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  1. - John Cena posted a new workout photo from earlier today with the following caption:
    “Thanks to #TheLab is St. Louis for an excellent warm up for #ExtremeRules #RTimeIsNow”


    now this is huge news it could change the wwe forever, I'm so bready for x-treme rules
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  2. nice efort in this thread. I am as buf as cena and I'm gonna kick Adam's lying ass.
  3. woah who posted this, someone hacked me ?
  4. I hope you destroy Adam.
  5. I can hack, you know.
  6. i

    i know i will
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  7. Seriously, last chance, stop the Adam hate.
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  8. Hi.
  9. So you're just a troll then.
  10. No, i never said i was.
  11. Why is this breaking news?
  12. I didn't post this, I think I got hacked
  13. You got hacked by a 12 year old?
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