Extreme Rules "Extreme Rules Falls on Rusev Day" WWE Championship Match

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by The "New" Beavie, Jun 24, 2018.

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    Who would have thought that they actually would give Rusev a push to the main event? Even if it may be for one PPV? After surviving a Gauntlet match on the Smackdown after Money in the Bank, everyone's favourite Bulgarian will now face everyone's favourite Redneck for the WWE Championship. Although now there is no stipulation announced, as it is Extreme Rules, there is always the chance of one being announced in the build-up. While this match may appear to be predictable, with AJ Styles likely keeping the belt at least until Summerslam, this could be a match where Rusev has a break-out performance. It is his first World title match unless I am mistaken, he is paired with one of the best workers in the world, he's already great in the ring, and if there is a stipulation attached which both men work well with, then this could be an entertaining match. Hell, I'd love for it to be the main event since Smackdown hasn't got the main event spot on a dual-branded PPV since the return of the split.

    So what'cha think? Looking forward to the match? Will there be an Extreme stipulation attached? Will RuRu pull the upset? Regardless, Happy Rusev Day!

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  2. Even though Rusev is probably going to lose. I think AJ can make him looks so good in defeat.
  3. You mean after surviving the Miz since Rusev came in last and didn't have to take on multiple opponents?

    I'm not a Rusev fan, but he's been alright as of late. This feud has me interested since there's the chance that Rusev actually wins the world title, which would be crazy after being underpushed despite the well received Rusev Day shtick. Jinder Mahal won the title once, so there's always that chance Rusev can as well. What Lana and English will be doing during this feud is important though. I'd rather not have a screwy finish where Lana kicks AJ in the balls so that Rusev can roll him up for a pin.
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  4. I was trying to act like I was on a WWE.com article! Jeez! ;-;
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  5. You forgot to wish X good luck in their future endeavors.
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  6. Seems like they are trying to split up Aiden and Rusev.

    I think this match is a one and done. I don't see Rusev going into Summerfest as WWE champ. You would think this is just a filer feud until Summerfest, where AJ has a big match against someone like Joe, Orton, Miz, Bryan or maybe even The Undertaker.
  7. I'm drooling.

    I'm crying. Aiden English is the best thing that's ever happened to Rusev.
  8. Sets up AJ vs HBK

    I think it's more the other way around. They are a great act though. I think Rusev losing Aiden could catapult him. It's going to happen eventually.
  9. Aiden is the reason Rusev Day became a thing. I also like his gimmick.
  10. Rusev is the reason for Rusev Day. It's his day.

    Aiden has potential on his own. He needs to stop rapping though.
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  11. And who was the singer that got it over? Last I checked that wasn't Rusev.
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  12. 2 house show losses to Roman. Also the 2016 Rumble match which was for the title

    Also fuck Rusev Day. I don't care that he's improved or over or anything. I just hate WWE relying on memes, hence why I'll forever hate the New Day
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  13. You think the Rusev loyalists like Rusev just because of a song and a catchphrase? He's not Bobby Roode. He is a lot more than that. Rusev has had a following for ages. Rusev character and wrestling ability has gotten him over. The Rusev Day stuff was just something to market and bring more people on the bandwagon. The singing it's not the reason he got super over. If they Titus Oneil Day with Aiden then it wouldn't have been as big. Rusev had that already established cult following, which along with Aiden made a money pair.
  14. Do you think the vast majority of the fans were Rusev loyalists prior to Aiden English singing his praises? English got Rusev more over with ticket buyers. English is the reason Rusev expanded his fanbase.

    Which barely exists.

    Mediocre at best.

    Because of differences in image, charisma, and wrestling ability. O'Neil is a good talker and poor wrestler; Rusev is an okay wrestler and a rather poor talker. I don't like the image of the two together in my head either. Rusev and English contrast much better since they both look kinda weird what with Rusev being a hairy bowling ball and English being a twig thin dude whiter than snow.
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  15. The singing and the catchphrase worked because people liked Rusev to begin with. The catchphrase and the singing is something fans latched onto because they liked Rusev. Without Rusev you have nothing.

    Disagree. From what i've seen he is extremely athletic. Absolute beast. Bet AJ is happy to be wrestling someone like Rusev. Can have some great matches.

    Handsome Rusev. Rusev has been on fire on Twitter over the last few years. He is a bookie Eastern European. How tf does he not have a character?

    It's because Rusev is someone the fans wanted to see get over. The gimmick allowed it to happen. The fans latched onto it and more people joined the bandwagon. There's a reason why Rusev has a cult following. It's because he must have something very appealing. Eg. his wrestling and personality.
  16. Yes, cuz Twitter is a wrestling character
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  17. It is a way a wrestler can interact with the audience. You can portray your character using social media. no fucking shit sherlock
  18. Yeah, a way for it to be completely ignored on tv. Hence Luke Harper's twitter. There's a difference between having a good twitter and having good character
  19. Rusev provided a foundation; English built upon that foundation.

    Everything he does is soft and weak looking. Nobody has to be as stiff as Lesnar or Nakamura, but he might as well be having a pillow fight whenever he's wrestling. He needs to be more rough and impactful.

    I've literally never heard of "Handsome Rusev" until just now. I don't recall seeing that on TV, and if it's not on TV, then it's not important.

    Being from <insert geographic region here> is only a character whenever he does something with that nationality. Being Bulgarian hasn't been relevant since his yawn inducing "hecc amerika" gimmick that he discarded after the Cena feud.

    And I love Big Show despite many being very much on the opposite side of that spectrum. People have different views; these are clearly mine.
  20. Not talking about having a good character. All i'm saying Twitter is a way of portraying your character. That's all I said and i'm right for saying it.

    He put the cherry on the top. He contributed to the marketing.

    He has had some good ass matches. Wrestling AJ will make him even better.

    It was on TV. Besides AJ Styles beat KO for the US title not on TV. So I don't know what you are talking about. The kayfabe world of wrestling does not stop when the TV cameras stop. John Cena got kayfabe stabbed in a nightclub ffs.

    He has keys to a city and we have been introduced to his family. I'm from Europe and I can see that Rusev reeks with that Eastern European personality. Kinda like how people like Becky because of her Irish charm. Peoples national identity and culture is a very important part of someone's character. Rusev having a different culture to us and having different traditions and personality adds to his wrestling character. But hey maybe that doesn't matter in America. Since most American only think they are the only country in the world lol.