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    So 8 matches have been announced...

    Pre-Show: El Torito vs Hornswoggle (weeLC match)

    RVD vs Swagger (w/Colter) vs Cesaro (w/Heyman) (Triple Threat Elimination)

    Big E (c) vs Wade Barrett (IC championship match)

    Tamina Snuka vs Paige (c) (WWE Divas championship match)

    R-Truth & Xavier Woods vs Alexander Rusev (2on1 Handicap)

    John Cena vs Bray Wyatt (Steel Cage match)

    Evolution vs The Shield (6 man tag match)

    Daniel Bryan (c) vs Kane (WWEWHC championship match) (Extreme Rules match)

    What do you guys think of the card so far?
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  2. These two matches should be alright, everything else is meh.

  3. meh is being generous. the rest is pure shit
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  4. Big E vs Cesaro (probably will win #1 contenders tournament, or be screwed out of it by Swagger) should be decent, and Bryan vs Kane will also be okay. Although if CM Punk was still with the company, we could have Bryan vs Punk III with even more kendo sticks.
  5. Barrett should win the tourney
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  6. :blackshock: I forgot he was even in it... I haven't watched all of RAW but if he's apparently beaten Ziggler... he has to win.
  7. It was actually a good match. Ziggler made him look great.
  8. Ziggler makes everyone look great. :woo:

    ... Unless that someone is Sheamus, Brodus Clay or Hornswoggle.
  9. idk man Ziggler sells a brogue kick better than anyone
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  10. We just go "ohh" and then continue to give 0 fucks about Sheamus afterwards :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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  11. Is it just me that goes and does stuff when big e is on as just find him boring so hope he loses the title.
  12. Sounds pretty terrible. Kane cannot work main event show matches, so in the title match, it's going to be very slow when Kane is on offense. Evolution vs Shield can be good, given Mania, they all looked great. Cena vs Wyatt in a cage can be legendary for Wyatt. Tamina vs Paige will be alright, Tamina can wrestle as can Paige, so it will be adequate. Big E vs ??? actually has me interested as we have Cesaro or Barrett. I swear if SheyMoose wins the damn thing I'll be pissed
  13. Bryan/Kane for the title will be terrific. They can both work and they've got solid chemistry, plus the storyline makes sense. Also, the probabiliy/possibility that it will be Kane's last match will make it more meaningful, even if that fact isn't hyped by WWE prior to the PPV.

    Shield/Evolution will be solid. I'd expect some kind of "no dq" stip.

    I figure it will be Cesaro vs. Big E (although Barrett wouldn't be bad....I just think he'll spin off into a feud against Sheamus....I'm really not sure why I think that) and I figure Cesaro will go over considering that giving the Neutralizer to Big E fits the "feats of strength" thing they've had him do with Big Show and Mark Henry.

    Tamina is talented in the ring and so is Paige. I'm not sure why we're not getting a rematch between Paige and AJ at the PPV, but....hey! It should be a pretty good match.

    Cena/Wyatt in the cage will be entertaining. I'd expect Wyatt to win this one and maybe the Family to carry away Cena after it's over.

    All in all, I think it looks entertaining. :otunga:

  14. A Paige/AJ rematch was in the plans, but AJ requested time off.
  15. Which is a huge breath of fresh air.
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  16. I'd expect for AJ to be back by Summerslam, and even then I can see Paige (c) vs AJ vs Emma happening... if either she leaves that silly Santino vs Fandingle feud or the feud itself just ends. Also, I can see Bryan trying to get Kane back to the "good side" and be the Kane from the times of Team Hell No, but Kane is stuck between the Authority and becoming a monster again. That's the only story I can see there, if they decide to do one at all. I'm surprised The Usos has nothing, but I guess they'll do Usos vs Rybaxel because we all want to see that match! Right? :hmm:
  17. Yeah, that elbow shot Barrett gave him looked devastating
  18. Okay. I wasn't aware of that. Then it makes sense.

  19. I'm digging Barrett atm. I can't believe he got as over as he did with that gimmick, but damn, he did it.

    Also, anyone else notice Southern crowds are the only ones that aren't hot for Ziggler? Makes sense honestly. I bet instead of cheering they just whisper to their wife "look at this fuckin' fruit cake"
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  20. Well, Evolution/Shield will be pretty fun as will Cena/Wyatt in the cage (hopefully Wyatt gets his win back). Paige/Tamina didn't really go through my mind but if AJ is off, hey, not much else to do with the Divas. Bryan/Kane will be fine, not terrible but nothing special as far as match quality goes. Big E will probably face either Cesaro or Barrett, surely Cesaro vs Big E would be very fun and E/Barrett won't be as good from a match quality standpoint, but I'm also enjoying Barrett atm so it wouldn't suck.
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