Extreme Rules Extreme Rules - Where do we go from here?

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  1. I will go down the PPV Card from the last match to the opening match:

    Triple H lost to Lesnar as Heyman assisted in the win:

    Where do you think this will go? I believe we are going to have HHH vs Lesnar 4, As we know WWE will take anything that makes remotely any money and bleed it dry. The two top dogs in their opinion slugging it out one more time. I believe at a major PPV we will see this feud go up again.

    Cena vs Ryback ended no contest
    As both men couldn't get up for 10 seconds, it really should have ended in a draw and Cena retains, but WWE.com reports no contest. Which we all know translates to rematch. Ryback vs Cena for the WWE title. With the "injury" is Cena going to have time off? I doubt it really, I can't think of a bigger face to go onto the main event really

    Alberto Del Rio beat swagger
    We know there was the whole restart, so I believe we are going to have a rematch between these two somewhere between Payback and now before Del Rio takes on Ziggler, as for Swagger, I hope he isn't pushed out of the title scene just yet.

    Shield Collectively win titles - I forsee a rematch or 6-man tag match between former champions vs shield, mainly because of the attack on Kingston on main event and such. Personally for Kofi, I would have preferred a feud with Cesaro. As for Team Hell No! I believe they will begin splitting up now

    Sheamus vs Henry: I don't know, I actually enjoyed the fued as they gave Henry (as well as shey-moose) a lot of air-time and segments, I hope it doesn't end because if Henry does go over Shey-Moose, he deserves a title match

    Orton vs Big Show: No Idea where the plan on going with either of Orton or Big Show. I know what I would love, and Orton heel turn.

    Jericho vs Fandango: I hope they continue their feud and probably will. 1-1 is the score now so something I believe will happen.

    Miz vs Cody - Miz goes over to face Wade, plain and simple.

    What about you, where do you think they are going?
  2. Maybe HHH/Lesnar feud is over but what I love the most was Reigns shouting "you wanted to break my arm? I'm gonna break your... FACE!"
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