Other "Extreme" Type Sports

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Spwn85, Apr 23, 2015.

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  1. Anyone active in "extreme" sports such as motocross, wakeboarding, etc. ?

    I love this time of year, was able to get my dirt bike out this past weekend and plan on it again this weekend.
  2. I guess paintball could fall into this category, so yes. I have messed around on a dirt bike a few times but nothing serious and do not own one of my own.
  3. I snowboard and wakeboard. Actually just got the boat out of storage and waiting for the weather to fully kick-in to head out to the lake!

    The snowboard has been put up now for a few weeks.
  4. I tried snowboarding once, it ended with me face planting after almost hitting a tree...
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  5. I love extreme sports and I do go skateboard parks a few times a year. I really enjoy watching the experts do there stuff on a skateboard or snowboard. Some of those stunts are amazing.
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