Extreme World Fighting (No Wimps Allow)

Discussion in 'Be The Booker' started by TheWUKMaster, Apr 21, 2016.

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  1. Beast" Gregory Clark
    "Bodyguard" Hicks
    "Snake" Jimmy Matthews
    Bobby the Salesperson
    Foul Chris Reyes
    Gerald "Demonic" Cook
    J. S. "Doctor" Henry
    Jose "The God" Dixon
    Samuel "The Illusion" Green
    The Unfriendly Doctor
    Doctor" Brenda Myers
    "Reporter" Lawrence
    Annette "Spectral Traveler" Jackson
    Blapsheming Linda Phillips
    C. Z. "Fate" West
    Elegant Jenkins
    Jacqueline "Cab Driver" Woods
    Michelle "Vicious Terror" Davis
    Norma the Enchantress
    The Blast Technician

    The first match starts minday 1st june 2016 ppv to watch pm me and i will invite you the show
  2. uh oh i'm a wimp
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  3. You can watch
  4. Why are you making so many BTB's? It is just clogging up the section...
  5. Everyonr just say yayaayyyy
  6. Also this one is for real
  7. Probably said that about the last 5
  8. Ok guy this will be my main focus and we will be starting off with a draft from wreslters from wwe and tna so be here saturday 4pm gmt for the pre show with me.and ric and be here at 5pm gmt for a live draft show where 10 wwe and 10 tna will join EWF
  9. I have been watching you make so many BTBs and just make a new one anyways. Either stick with one (think it out) or don't do one at all.
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  10. Im sticking with this one
  11. So wtf is this all about?
  12. EWF Draft

    Going to warfare

    Inky The squid boy
    Louis Figo Manico
    Herschel The Hammer
    Bigger Dan Ewe
    White Knight
    Going to battleground

    Serfei Kalashnov
    Scheming Behemoth
    UK Dragon
    Captain Heri
    Doctor Insane
    Abraham Slam
    Anna Ki

    More will be accounced in the coming weeks
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