EY and ODB - 1 Year And Counting

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Testify, Mar 9, 2013.

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  1. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TNA_Knockouts_Tag_Team_Championship

    I'd say congrats, but I still have some dignity left inside of myself.

    In 370 days, they've defended these "titles" twice.:damnn::facepalm1: :facepalm: :finger:

  2. Are the straps still a thing?
  3. Yeah, else I wouldn't be making this awful thread.:upset:
  4. Did they even have the titles when they returned? I can't remember either of them holding it during EY's segment with Sting when he chose Storm for the 3rd match but I was barely awake at that point.
  5. Well, that sucks. Really, I don't think I even need to make points as far as them dropping that belt altogether goes.
  6. Hopefully they threw them and RVD into a bottomless pit alltogether.:obama:
  7. That would leave Bob too close to a TNA title :cry: we need two bottomless pits, well Kelly Kelly may come in handy here actually.
  8. On a serious note, it just occured to me that Bob's contract has expired, obviously he's not the X champ anymore and he isn't booked for Lockdown to face Kenny King. Is this it? Is Bob leaving?
  9. One could only hope he rides off into the sunset and has a retirement match, on an indy show, with his buddy Jerry Lynn.
  10. They've already wrestled their last ever match on PPV special that'll air in April + Lynn is retiring later on this year.

    Hopefully he wrestles his last match vs. Chavo and Hardy in 3 Way match in ROH with Cornette as the special ref.
  11. :ARIES:
  12. This shows how worthless these titles are. No disrespect to EY and ODB. But defending the title just twice in a year, this is disgraceful.
  13. Everyone knows that lol.

    We're now just trying to come up with the idea how that shitty straps out of TNA.
  14. Also don't worry about disrespecting ODB
  15. Fuck that shit!:mad2:
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