F1 Malaysia 2013 (Vettel/Webber)

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Nano, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. After the race I saw an image and I started to smile.

    I started smiling because Vettel is like the good child in RRR and he did something the team didn't want him to do, after that Webber angrily did this.

    You see Webber out from RRR soon?
    Where would you like to see him?
  2. RRR?

    But yeah, when I was watching it I couldn't believe it. You could tell they told Vettel to hang back because the gap gradually got larger between the two, but then at the last pit stops Vettel seemed to say fuck that and went for it. He should be suspended by the team IMO.

    If Webber leaves Red Bull he may go to Lotus, I don't see them keeping Grosjean on after next season. Not consisent enough for me. Or if Kimi decides to quit after this season then it may be Webber & Grosjean, who knows.
  3. RRR= RedBull Racing Renault

    I'm with you, he should be suspended during this year but he did the pit that late because of Hamilton, he did it like that because he could get the enough distance and then attack Webber.

    I didn't say it, if Webber leaves RRR I see him in McLaren or Ferrari. Massa is a good qualifier but not a good pilot at races, and Sergio Perez isn't doing a good season so maybe he's with a foot out from McLaren
  4. Ah, you should use RBRR, :emoji_stuck_out_tongue: Red Bull is two seperate words. Confused me with what you meant :haha:

    Ferrari wanted Vettel last season for this season, but he has 1 year left on his contract with Red Bull. It will be Alonso + Vettel at Ferrari next season.

    Perez and Button's car is severely under-developed, Martin Whitmarsh team principal has said this numerous times. It's not that Perez or Button are driving bad, the car isn't good ATM. They just gave the 'go ahead' yesterday for new aerodynamic parts which they'll be testing at China in 3 weeks, so maybe they'll be quicker then. Perez has only just joined with McLaren, he needs a good car before he can show what he can do.
  5. It was so fun. Webber :finger: to Vettel.
    Shame alonso had to retire
  6. Alonso was favourite to win. Even though it's early on, it's going to be hard for Alonso to close down the 20-odd point gap already! :upset:
  7. Don't really think Vettel leaves RBRR, there he's like the king LOL.

    But just compare a little, Button before his "accident" in the pit was the 5th and Perez was the 9th I think, Perez had some good races in Sauber and that's all. The good car will get better, sure. It's the same as in Ferrari, both have the same car but in the race Alonso goes in the firsts positions and Massa goes back 6th, 7th...
  8. Most of the people in the F1 world believe Vettel has to leave Red Bull and go to a top team (McLaren or Ferrari) to solidfy his legacy.

    You have to remember though, Alonso (and now Button) are the #1 drivers, they get parts for their car before the #2 drivers. Just like Hamilton was usually ahead of Button (because Hamilton was #1 driver).
  9. SPANISH POWER (the next race is for Alonso for sure).

    It was awesome, and in the podium when Webber said he'd like to see Alonso there, FREAKING AWESOME =)
  10. Not really . Im sure Vettel or Halminton will have to reitre in some career during the season . Long way to go
  11. It's still gonna be difficult.
  12. But the difference in the positions wasn't that big, you could also see Button and Hamilton fight for the position sometimes. The difference between Alonso and the rest of the drivers is that Alonso like to work in his car and sometimes fix something by his own there (I listened that in an interview they made him 3 or 4 years ago).

    Also, to solidfy his legacy RBRR is also a good team, young but good


    Sure they'll retire, and Alonso will win more races, the points difference between the first and the second one is 7 points so with three races he'd be the best one, AGAIN
  13. The main reason why alonso hasnt been the world title in the last 5 years is the damn ferrari


    Just imaging vettel and Alonso in the same team
  14. True, bad car, great pilot. Remember when he won his first title, Schumacher was the best but Alonso proved he was much better
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