FA to charge Eden Hazard

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Jan 25, 2013.

  1. Every analyst, manager, and fan say Eden Hazard shouldn't be charged. So our moronic - and always wrong - FA decide to charge him, after the police drop it immediately.

    Fuck the FA.
  2. Can it have anything to do with the boy being the son of the majority owner of Swansea?
  3. Boy said he wasn't pressing charges.
  4. Owner of Swansea said it'd be ridiculous if anything happened from this on either party, he said it should be forgotten.
  5. Link? Video? What ha happened?

  6. Ignore weird ass Russian-ish commentary.

    Turns out the boy is the son of the main owner in Swansea FC.
  7. I can barely tell what's going on but the kid looks like he is trying to keep the ball from Hazard even after he is reaching for it? Then like lies down with the ball to prevent him from getting it? If so he deserves to get kicked for being a little shithead retard. Also he barely kicked the little prick, but he sold it like Sebastian Janikowski had just taken a swing at him like he was trying to make a 65 yard FG attempt.
  8. This. Kick wasn't even intentional either, went to get the ball. But FA charge him, fucking retards.
  9. Hazard should be charged. Like the commentetors said during the game , "this is totally unaccpetbale and unexcusable". If the ball boy was wasting time then its the referees job to deal with that, hazard had no business getting his foot in there. Should be banned for the rest of the season, good job FA.
  10. Go away JeebaK
  11. Kid deserved it.
  12. People saying I need glasses because I said he barely kicked him. :silva:
  13. Banned for the rest of the season lmfao. For humbling some shit head kid who was inserting himself into a situation he had no business doing so.

    I wish he had kicked him in the face and knocked out his damn teeth. And then Hazard would go to your house and kick you in the nuts so you can never curse this Earth with your demon seed offspring.
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  14. This isnt the US of A, we have got civilized people and civilized games here. So dont come here talking like a 8 year old moron.

    Why dont u go back to your american football threads and talk about the game u play with your hands and call football? :smug:
  15. Are you fucking kidding me? Civilized games? Where are you from again, India? Yes, because that part of the world has fewer ugly incidents at sporting events compared to the US. :cornette:


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  16. You're obviously mentally challenged.
  17. Fewer is an understatement :cornette:

    Not to mmention we arent retarded enough to name a game we play with our hands "football" :cornette: *US LOGIC*
  18. JeebaK resorting to hand-egg jokes because he is completely wrong -- again -- when in a sporting debate. Seriously, get that "I know nothing about football" tattoo please.
  19. im not wrong, and your FA agrees with me :haha:
  20. Which means you're wrong. Ask any football fan, the FA is always wrong. Even analysts say that lmao.
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