Face/Heel Batista?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Solid Snake, Jan 20, 2014.

  1. - Batista continues to make babyface comments on his Facebook and Twitter. He thanked fans for the birthday wishes this weekend and said "this WWE return is for you."

    Is it just me or is this dude going to come back a heel?
  2. Definitely a babyface. Match v ADR is a lock for EC anyway.
  3. BOOOO! :angry:

    I want him to come back a heel and all this to be a troll act. lol
  4. He's really gotta be a babyface for his big return, but would hope he turns sooner than later. :obama:
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  5. I enjoyed him as a heel and actually just started liking him then he left. I still remember him leaving on that Raw... I was LOL hard. :haha:
  6. Don't know; don't care. :pity:
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  7. :pipebomb:

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  8. I wonder how long his contract is for? Do you think he will stay around long enough to become a heel? Isnt he still shooting Guardians Of The Galaxy?
  9. That one when he was in his wheelchair and just ranting and raving until he turned blue in the face? :lol1: That was great!

    Was there a wrestler in this era that gave us as many epic one liners as Heel Batista?
    "I was making money and winning championships while you were kissing babies and hugging fat girls"
    "All you people are dollar signs. Dollar sign, dollar sign... you're a really big dollar sign who's fat enough to buy 2 seats"

    The only one who can compare is Punk.
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  10. From what I remember he signed a two year contract. He's supposedly staying around until the Summer where he'll need to take time to promote his movie.
  11. Lol what a boring return. Let's book this pretty boring face in Batista against the most boring human being on the planet, ADR.
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  12. Punk has grown stale on the mic though. He use to be funny to me but meh. He just sounds repetitive now.
  13. Fat girls need love, too. They just have to pay.
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  14. It could be worse... One word... Khali.
  15. Khali vs Batista is honestly more entertaining than ADR vs Batista.
  16. You just made me throw up in my mouth a little. Please vacate this thread immediately.
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  17. lol i dont know about that one. Khali is a horrible gimmick. might as well say Brotus clay then
  18. I SAID A SWEAR! Funny thought... Can that name go on a banned word list? :lol1:
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  19. Johnny Ace >>> either of the two shitheads you are talking about
    Henry >>
    Barrett with Nexus >>
    heel Michael Cole quotes >>

    I'll stop there, but Batista and Punk are hacks brother
  20. ADR isn't THAT bad come on now.
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