Face Shield is great, but what to do with them?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 8, 2014.

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  1. Unless we're going to have a 4 vs 4 feud going on (which in my opinion is going to suck), what are we going to do with them? Is it going to be a case of HHH vs Bryan and then Orton/Batista/Kane vs Shield? I still don't see why Orton and Batista would team in that scenario.

    Anyway, face Shield are awesome.
  2. Well they are facing the Wyatts on ME this week
  3. Main Event means nothing. Just a random match to try and sell seats and draw viewers.
  4. Says the guy who has to ask if Smackdown is worth watching, lol. They are pushing ME hard now on the network. I expect the quality to only get better in the future.
  5. None the less, I see an evolution reunion going against the Shield for now. Taking their heat off Bryan and allowing someone else into the WHC scene (Lesnar or Cesaro I would assume)
  6. You really think Main Event is going to have any impact on stories? Hell, SmackDown is their "b" show, and that barely has anything to do with them. RAW & PPV's are the only shows that matter from a storyline progression point of view.
  7. I suppose, but I think that will change eventually with the network. Or maybe I just hope, who knows. As a mark who watches all the shows he can, I can say I am enjoying ME more now than before. There was an intercontinental match on ME last week I think.
  8. I think they're going to have this feud with the authority, which kinda feels like a long-term deal, and then eventually break up after it's done.
  9. As long as the feud is kept short, them feuding with Team 2007 is the best idea to go with for now... hell, i wouldn't mind the 8-man tag to main event Extreme Rules (it's not, but still). The crowd reaction alone should make one match a great affair, but I can't see it having legs. But also as you say, what can they do after that? Just like the issue they ran into as heels, you can't advance from "Batista, Orton, and Kane" to anyone else on the roster. They'd have to come up with something creative, or just do the split there, and that would suck because Face Shield are too awesome to just last for 2-3 friggin' months.
  10. They've beaten down Bryan for a while now.. how do you even explain that they side with him so suddenly? Nobody questions it? Just go with the flow?
  11. The Shield are the hottest commodity in WWE, they are not animated like most crappy WWE Superstars are and I am surprised at WWE on how well they have used these guys, they taunt fans with a split and turn them face. With the win over Kane & NAO, they are still stuck in that upper-mid card slot and after RAW, I think WWE is teasing that 4 Vs 4 Tag match.

    What needs to be done with the Shield is someone who can give some character to them. All we see with them is Reigns is just a beast and nothing more, Ambrose is showing some crazyness but not much and Rollins keeps playing the modest man in the middle, despite being awesome in the ring. What we need is someone who can create more depth to this team, in my opinion we should have the Authority see the Shield as a strong unit and try and break them apart as they defend Bryan and are anti Authority, we have seen anyone who opposes them (Authority) be punished by the Shield. So now I think either we see Shield by the thorn in the Authority's plans now, undermining them at every step as Bryan sort of did, and slowly turning the majority of the Authority onto them, freeing Bryan up to face a main event caliber star, who could be representing the authority or not in main event bouts
  12. Well they used the Main Event match to push not only the shield face turn story and the Cesaro/Swagger feud. So I guess there's that.

    They are seemingly building towards Shield vs Evolution. So that might mean they'll find Bryan another challenger.
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