Face Ziggler ftw!

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  1. On Smackdown this week, Dolph Ziggler came out with something he hasn't had in a while. A live microphone. He got some promo time and did a pretty good job, cut a few jokes, but it seemed like the real emphasis of the promo was that "Yeah, I may be a babyface now, but don't worry IWC. I'm still a dick! :otunga:" He was the same smartass showoff character but in a more endearing way.

    3MB came out and he faced Mcintyre, and he did a lot more taunting/showing off during the match. It wasn't really as important as the finish where he hit the RKO Zig-Zag from out of nowhere and wormed his way out of a 3-on-1 beatdown yet again... then Slater egged him on to get back into the ring. He rolled back into the hornet's nest, rolled away from all of them lunging at him, and rolled away yet again with a big smile, giving the impression of "Damn, I'm proud of me!"

    Most entertained by Dolph I've been in a while and that's saying quite a bit. If anyone has a video of it feel free to post it and let people see for themselves, but after one week it looks like worries of Ziggler's face turn may have been greatly exaggerated.

    How damn good is that? :sad1:
  2. I agree, was a pretty good segment! Haha.

    I enjoyed it, he didn't get a very good reaction from the crowd though which sucks.
  3. Much > this thread. :pity2:
  4. Yeah man, I was surprised to see him having promo time. That was pretty good, it seems like at least for the short run face Ziggler will be good to watch. Interesting how he didn't go from getting his butt whipped every week from beating up three guys at once but they found a way for him to look good doing it.
  5. I want an apology from Crayo, who always doubted me when I told him how epic face Ziggler was going to be.


    do it.

  6. [​IMG]
    im so excited.

  7. but hes tweiner bro (and apparently so is half of the roster) :kobe:
  8. CM Tween
    Dolph's Tweener
    Daniel Brytween
    Alberto Del Tweeno
    Randy Tweenton
    John Tweena
  9. Ziggler actually has potential to be the next Edge on Smackdown.
    Also, he's doing pretty well at live events.

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