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Discussion in 'RAW' started by Extraterrestrial, Aug 20, 2013.

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  1. Yes, I did steal this from another forum. *insert dealwithit.gif here*. Seriously though this shit is funny.

    Here's a few I came across;​
    ''This was horrible tonight how they did Daniel Bryan!! And yes tha wwe is so call against bullying but they r allowing Ryback to bully tha staff in tha back witout doin anything to him....they're bein hypocrites and kids r watchin and its not good wat there doin right now!!! WWE needs to get it bacc together!!''
    I'm disgusted... Their public service announcements against bullying are a joke when 80% of their WWF product promotes bullying, gang intimidation, cheating and the exact opposite of sportsmanship. And now Triple H is an Creep.
    ''The show put a horrible script what they did to Daniel Bryan was inhumane and unjustified wwe has turned against the fans and all is now becomingl an evil corporation''
    ''disgraceful how horrible this company has come to be nothing but a bunch of snakes and air heads we all know daniel bryan is the true wwe champion and idc if orton holds the title in my point of view the beard is the champion everyone should respect the beard''
    Post some of your favorite comments here, and lets all have a good laugh together.

  2. ''That right wwe teach all kids that its ok to be a bully as long as you rich and powerful. .smh''

    ''So not only did you show your viewers and our children that bullying is ok, but you also showed us that lying was a good thing also. Triple H you are a sell out way to go there buddy..never thought I would see the day. Everything you promote to your young viewers well you just shot that all to hell tonight. And viper you are a loser or should I say the biggest loser,yeah I think that fits best. Seems like you lost alot of people tonight guys. Do the right thing all of you and do whats right, show our young people the right thing to do,just maybe you will get your viewers back,if not its your loss not ours. Our payrolls wont decline downhill, but yours sure will.''

    Triple h is a dam cheater they cheat Daniel Bryan .....raw suck these day!!!
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