Facebook, Twitter or MySpace?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by True Warrior, Nov 29, 2012.

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  1. Overall what is your favorite site out of these 3: Facebook, Twitter or MySpace?
  3. I loved the old myspace, from like 2003ish. After facebook started getting popular, myspace was no longer fun or attractive. So, I moved onto facebook. I was with Twitter as well, but never really played around with it. After about 6 months I got sick of facebook and got rid of that too. So now I just have Twitter. Been with Twitter since 2008 I believe. Got on facebook in 2009 and right back off it in 2009. lol

    ...strangely enough, if I replace them names (Twitter, Myspace, Facebook) with guy names it would make me sound like a slut. :haha:
  4. Twitter
  5. Twitter i suppose but all my accounts just sit there really as i just cant be arsed.
  6. Even though I do have all of those, none of them really interest me in the least anymore. Myspace would probably be my favorite when it was in its prime when I was a kid because I just spent hours customizing my layout. (Now it completely blows because they changed absolutely everything to try and compete with Facebook. Not to mention all those thousands of Myspace layouts websites going to waste, which pisses me off the most because all those people must've spent pretty much all of their time making all those layouts.) However, right now I guess Twitter.

    You should have put Tumblr instead of Myspace because no one at all ever uses Myspace anymore. Woulda' picked Tumblr in a heartbeat.
  7. I use all of them but only active on twitter and not very active on that to be honest. This is the only place i really post anything
  8. Not really active on any
  9. I don't have any of the three, never have and I kind of doubt I ever will. However, I've at the very least have considered getting a Twitter, so that get's my vote.
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