Facial Hair

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solidus, Jul 23, 2017.

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  1. Men of WWEF, how'd you like your facial hair? Do you groom and all that jazz?
    Myself, I am very lazy about it. It grows for about 8-12 weeks doing whatever it likes and then I shave it using hair clippers before I get a haircut.
    I never could use razors, wet shaving irritates my skin like nothing else. The baby face look is bad on me as well.

    Speak up men. :bray:
  2. I'm 30 and I can't grow a beard..... stubble that is all I have to work with
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  3. Stubble is good.
  4. Im a girl, But... May I add my opinon? Yeah, Some guys look great with Facial Hair, But it also depends on how they take care of it. Some Gotee's Are nice looking. Like My Friend, He tried out a Gotee one time, And It looked great on him! Now Personally speaking Im NOT a fan of facial hair. Most women find it attractive. Meh....
  5. About once a month I'll shave it down to a 5 o'clock shadow and trim my eyebrows and nose hairs.. in that month's time my beard grows pretty full and, unfortunately, now that I'm older there are tons of white and grey hairs throughout.
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  6. IMG_20170723_140853968.jpg This is me right now, approximately 7 weeks or so, unshaven.
  7. So I uploaded a recent picture of me (yes it's a bathroom selfie, blame my girlfriend for wanting a picture of me in the waistcoat) and it shows the most facial hair I've ever had. I recently grew it out a bit to age my face and this is what I've got.

    Every guy I know who has commented on it has told me that they don't like it, and that if I want to grow a beard I should grow a proper beard. Every girl I know who has commented on it says that they like it and that I should keep it.

    It is a fair bit of work, but I invested in a pair of nail scissors from ASDA. (Walmart, essentially) Cost me what, £2? Worth it, I think. I just need to keep the hair off my lips or it irritates my girlfriend.

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  8. I want a big dirty beard so bad lol
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  9. I really want a full beard. I have a mustache-goatee-sideburns combo going on right now that I'm okay with. I get it trimmed when I get my hair cut though which isn't often.
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  10. As a United States Southern man, it upsets me that I can only grow a neck beard and mustache right now. I really want a full beard, maybe even Lumberjack length lol
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  11. Mine is like the length of the first one, but much messier.
  12. Use castor oil on your face. Makes more hair grow in and makes it thicker.
  13. Hmm... Might have to try that, thank ya!
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  14. :l:bray:<<<<< ?
  15. I keep it at a decent stubble because if I let it grow much longer it is just too thin. I shave it down to around 3-5 mm once a week or once every two weeks using a electric razor/trimmer.
  16. Native Americans don't grow much facial hair so mine looks pretty much like this. wwe-smackdown-randy-orton-august-12th-2011-randy-orton-24547859-500-281.jpg
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