Facing the music: WWE's rock stars and crooners

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  1. Facing the music: WWE's rock stars and crooners


    With the recent appearance on Monday Night Raw of music superstar Cyndi Lauper (WATCH), one could say that the “girl who wants to have fun” came full circle from her first WWE visit in 1984. Through the years, the fabled Rock 'n' Wrestling Connection has withstood the test of time — individual performers, bands, and other musical artists of different genres have joined forces with WWE in a various number of capacities.

    Of course, the explosion of Rock 'n' Wrestling was preceded by the advent of entrance music for many superstars. The Fabulous Freebirds are credited for being the first performers to use music in their presentation as they came into the arena to the Lynyrd Skynyrd rock anthem "Freebird." As other Superstars followed the Freebirds’ suit, entrance music changed how we viewed the overall entrance and persona of the ring warriors, and for that matter, the overall presentation of the live experience.

    But Superstars notwithstanding, enter the charismatic Lauper, whose association with Captain Lou Albano transcended into a win-win situation for both her and WWE. Add to that the appearance of the iconic host of "American Bandstand," Dick Clark, at a WWE event in 1984 (WATCH). Since then, it has been a veritable horn of plenty. With such outlets as WrestleMania and Monday Night Raw, musical performers have clamored to appear on a WWE event in any way, shape or form. What follows is a representative sample of what has taken place.


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