Facts behind the Styles/Carter phone tapes

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  1. Read more.

    Hope it's OK to post this here; haven't posted threads myself before, so if it's not alright feel free to just delete it. :emoji_slight_smile:
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  2. It's completely fine to post here :emoji_slight_smile:

    Also, I love your sig (the bottom image).
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  3. ^Thanks! :emoji_slight_smile: I thought it was a nice addition.
  4. I wanted them to be having sexy time with eachother :upset:
  5. lol... The phrase "sexy time" always makes me grin like a fool. I just love that wording.
    I say that's all fine and good about the phone calls, but I still don't see how that explains the photos of them kissing. Did they forget about that, or will they be explained later as the story progresses? I'm curious how they plan to handle those.
  6. This clears up a few loopholes, does that mean this storyline is over?
  7. I hope so. Will be interesting to see what does happen next, as far as if that ends it or if they somehow keep it going.