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  1. Have you ever said something and you realized what you said right after your mouth closed and you just wanted to face palm the crap out of yourself?


    I actually have done this quite a few times with no intention to hurt someone or make someone mad. I usually just feel like a complete moron. lol

    One example is when I use to work at Walgreens as a beauty advisor. Well, I always had time where it was dead in my area so I would go talk to the photo people. Wellll... I worked with this little Indian woman, she was like 32ish and pregnant. She was worried about miscarrying the baby. She had to go to the bathroom really bad and moron me says "Don't pee out the baby!" I felt like such an asshole. lol Like she was joking about something and for some reason in my little mind I thought that would be funny.... #FAIL! I felt horrible for days after that.
  2. I did one last night.

    Was my mates wedding and hadn't seen my mate for awhile saw her an was like congratulations when is the baby due? To which I got im not pregnant. Whoops
  3. One of my best guy friends was just telling me in full detail about how he got into a horrible car accident recently

    I then proceeded to (without thinking) send him a link to Mick Foley's titantron and said that he reminds me of Foley

    Needless to say, he was pissed.
  4. Ouch.

    Had one recently myself. Basically there's some girl in my year who some guy was chasing, and ended up not getting her because she went for a more.. normal bloke. So yeah when somebody mentioned the whole incident in class I responded with.

    'I don't really see his obsession with her, she's nothing special. Don't get me wrong - I'd still ride her into battle - just don't see the fuss over her'

    To my horror I realised the guy I was saying this to was her new boyfriend -_-
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  5. Haha thats epic @[R'Albin]

    Not sure if this counts but I felt awkward I call ppl chief a lot i.e. say alright chief it's instead of fella. Anyways at work a few months back I wasn't really concentrating and said Alright chief to an Indian customer and he got really offended by it thinking I was being racist calling him an Indian Chief. Was really awkward.
  6. You racist SoB :shock:
  7. LOL I'm really not was just habit as it's how I address all my mates. It was the ultimate :facepalm: moment though.
  8. lmfao this one takes the cake:lol1:
  9. I'm glad my failures entertain you.
  10. I told my ex wife that she was annoying......... Wanted to reach out and snag that one right back. She let me have it for a good 2 months, every time i'd ask a question " I DONT KNOW I'M ANNOYING!"
  11. Gotta love them ex's... Oh wait! NO YOU DON'T! Baaaazzziing! :dawg:
  12. Pretty much lol
  13. hahahahahaha I love your euphemism.
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