Fake crowd/filled spots in smackdown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Nobody, Jul 5, 2013.

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  1. I could be 100% wrong, but ive watched the orton/christian match twice now, and the grandma who is in the center doesnt move. Ever. ill throw a heart looking ring around her beautiful face.


    So maybe im wrong, but after watching this match twice i literally see nothing, and it might be the stream, but there are parts where she looks like a fan on wwf no mercy for 64. Do you believe WWE would fill front row seats like this, or am i just crazy?
  2. Well its not the only show to fill seats, Every company on weekly TV have done at least once but never seen a computerised one before, They're usually real people :hmm:
  3. i cant say i think it's computerized, just saying she looks fake as hell. After posting this thread im ready to have someone set it straight so i can :facepalm: and get it over with.
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    Well, they certainly wouldn't put a fake dummy or something right there with real people. If she's fake, I'd say she has to be computerized. Never heard of WWE going there but there's a first time for everything.

    I missed this Smackdown so I have to go see it for myself.

    EDIT: http://pwnews.org/video/oAe5Q2fQp2.html

    Look at the very start of the match and you'll see her head kinda turn to the left and right and then back to looking straight. Then at 35:24, she turns and looks like she asks someone something to the right. There's probably more slight movement throughout the rest of it.

    Just a still old woman, I guess.
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  5. go ahead and let me know, it's just weird seeing her from different angles. i can understand a woman of her age to be disinterested in WWE, but (and again it could be the stream) she just looks so damn fake.

  6. Edited my post above.
  7. [​IMG]

    There it is. Thread closed.
  8. dude stop hating no my grandma. She's a big fan, she is just old
  9. Dolph's grandma is a lovely old lady. Original G.
  10. OG kush even.
  11. I don't think that's the case, but WWE does put plants in the crowd to get them hyped up. I've seen one at Wrestlemania 26.
  12. So do TNA, They did it for Anderson's shoot and Lockdown 2013.
  13. GOAT plant

  14. also Joey Ryan is a helluva plant

  15. Many people don't watch smackdown as they used to so probably yes
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