Falling out of love with Wrestling....

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  1. You may have noticed I've been quietly recently...this could be because I'm moving house....or...

    It's because I really am beginning to fall out of love with Wrestling.

    After 13 years of watching religiously, week in week out, I realized a couple of weeks ago that I'm just not enjoying it anymore.


    AJ Lee has been "sacked". She was different, she was interesting and they killed it.

    Punk and Heyman should be making me WANT to tune in each week...but somehow I don't find them exciting or as great as they should be.

    Vince Mcmahon comes back last week...GREAT...EXCITING...DIFFERENT...this week...he sucked.

    The only good this is Team Hell No but even that seems to be wearing a little thing now.

    Smackdown? That's been dying for years.


    I have nothing good to say about that company.

    Hardy bores me, Devon is irrelevant, Hogan needs to leave my screen, RVD needs a aide to walk, Austin Aries should have not dropped the title, Beer Money needed never to have died.


    Kevin Steen is the ONLY good thing there.

    To sum up, I want to know if anyone else is feeling this way....

  2. are you leaving
  3. Fuck no. I never said that.
  4. I feel somewhat the same, namely with WWE. Been watching less and less.

    TNA is still pretty entertaining though.
  5. Interesting views.

    WWE views:

    - AJ was horrific as a GM. They made her interrupt good segments by skipping down to the ring, punishing people who said she was crazy and abusing her "power" as a face, which is just horrible and comes off as purely hypocritical. I despised her in that role.

    - Punk and Heyman should be doing something more ground breaking I agree, all I can say is be patient as they have asked us to do.

    Agree with the rest.


    - Whilst I agree that Devon, Hogan and BVD suck, I also think Roode is fantastic on his own, Storm is awesome to watch, most of the creative changes have a purpose and it's an entertaining show in general. They do some things wrong, but most things right. Just the wrong can be fucked up wrong sometimes.


    - I don't watch it, so I can't comment on that.
  6. How much longer do we have to wait? The product has been bordering on insult for the best part of 2 years!
  7. Oh shucks.
  8. I meant be patient on the Punk/Heyman relationship (on screen) which has only been like two months. I do agree that the product now is equally as bad as it was in 2009 and that is what I call the worst year in WWE history.
  9. Have you tried watching any other wrestling shows to try and re find that spark?

    I would recommend NXT. It's WWE's second newest show full with new and exciting talent (It's WWE's developmental territory). The matches all hold high quality and the storylines are very well booked.

    I'd also recommend some Dragon Gate USA. I myself just recently found the company but it has had me acting a bit like a mark after watching a couple of their shows. That's how good I find them.
  10. I did try NXT at the start. In fact, before it took over FCW, It was the only thing I enjoyed (Maxine, Curtis, Bateman etc). The new one kept me interested for a few weeks but the problem I have with NXT is the commentary. No passion. JR can't be arsed to be there and Regal (as much as I love him...) just sounds awkward.
  11. Are you going to like wrestling again anytime soon?
  12. :finger:
  13. you too. :otunga:
  14. Acailler, I feel the exact same way. I'm still logging on due to habit/the users/after keeping the site alive I'm definitely attached to it, but the shows are really lackluster nowadays.

    WWE: Punk and Heyman could have been better, but what they've done is still good. Team Friendship vs Rhodes and Sandow is entertaining as hell, Miz is back to being the amazing mic worker he used to be, and they're finally giving us something different with Ryback. Still, with 8 hours a week (not counting NXT) you'd think there would be more compelling stuff than just this, but WWE's complacent, lazy booking is still holding the shows back in a big way.

    NXT: Still look forward to NXT every week, feel free to watch it again. It's a show that our smart-mark minds can't mess up, full of entertaining characters (and Richie Steamboat) on wrestlers who can pack plenty of action into a WWE 4-minute match. Really miss Maxine though.

    TNA: Man, I hate to say this because as little as a month ago I was singing the praises of TNA, but man, they has gone downhill fast. (Yes, Dolph's, I went back to watch the episodes) Aces and Eights is a total train wreck right now, and I can't be the only one who completely tunes them out after 4 months of no progression outside of Devon. Hardy isn't not drawing viewers and cost us a Storm-Aries feud. The X-Division, now lead by BVD (ugh) is nonexistent, hope the Knockouts follow suit, AJ can't stop feuding with Angle and Daniels, Hogan still exists...

    TNA still has the talent and the creative ability to turn this ship around, and I have confidence it will happen. It could even happen this week.

    ROH: Only watched for a little while, they have some intriguing talents but the show damn near put me to sleep. We'll see what happens with a new creative regime in place.
  15. I fell out of love for wrestling several years ago, in 2005. I only started watching it again in 2010, but even then, I haven't been watching Raw or Smackdown 98% of the time. Just watching the PPVs (some of them, not even most of them) and keeping up with what's been going on. I'm very much off and on with wrestling these days, and even when I'm 'on', I'm a moderate fan at best. I doubt I'll ever be in love with wrestling as I once was for several years. But every now and then, I do feel that tiny spark of specialness like I used to, like when the Rock returned or when the Summer of Punk happened. When I watched Cena/Punk at NOC (illegal streaming, of course), I honestly cared who won and was actually starting to mark out a bit like I did in the old days. My love for wrestling isn't completely dead, at least not yet.
  16. I agree with everything you've said.

    The only thing that seems to keep my attention these days (an don't laugh...) is the Divas storyline...but then they involved Aksana this week and that's now gone to pot.

    It seems like the entire wrestling industry needs a complete overhaul...
  17. While I don't watch WWE at all so can't judge (why don't I watch it is well, because I feel it's utter crap), ROH ocassionally so can't judge you on that either, and can't agree with some things you said about TNA, I can tell you this: watch Pro Wrestling Guerrilla.

    If you wanna get back on wrestling track, watch their shows from this year. So many great wrestling matches, moments and other COOL stuff.

    You still have EVOLVE, Dragon Gate or Puroresu promotions if you aren't satisfied. All alternatives to mainstream televised wrestling.
  18. What's PWG like in terms of actual storylines?
  19. Hard to describe that to you in a simple post, but I'll try.

    They're a supercard company. They have a show, usually once a month, where they are able to collect all of the best indy talents in one place, because they don't run iPPVs, hence why ROH and others can't do the supercard stuff like PWG.

    So, one DVD show per month, hard to tell on basic TV storytelling, because there's no weekly shows and such. They're there, but you need to watch regularly and adapt to them bcuz their diferrent (you know what I mean) from classic TV storys.

    I'll give you a brief example of a main storylines (or feuds) right now in PWG:

    Kevin Steen vs. Brian Cage is awesome both wrestling and mic wise
    Kevin Steen vs. El Generico (even though they teamed up recently)
    Adam Cole being a dick stuff is ultra fun
    Super Dragon is always somewhere in there in the mix, you don't know when he can pop out in some feud, he's nuts
    Young Bucks vs. Rick Knox the boss referee

    As you can see, there are many feuds and stuff going on right now in PWG, but they're not what u're used, if you know what I mean. Ofc there are blowoffs (thinking Steen-Cage will be a hardcore match for the PWG Title in December), sick stipulations, and stuff.

    Pretty much everyone on their "roster" has history with everyone and so on and so on, I could talk about all week, it's all connected.

    All in all, it's my 1.A favorite company, and Steen is the champion and like Chuck Norris right there, that's all you need to know pal.
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  20. Read this mr. Chairman, plz:

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