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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Black Wizard, Sep 2, 2016.

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    So I looked around and there was only a topic about Fallout locations and one discussing the reveal trailer for Fallout 4, so this needs to be a thing. Post anything related to any entry in the Fallout series here. Any and all games, lore discussion, mods, whatever it may be as long as it's Fallout related.

    I personally was introduced to the series with Fallout 3, and thought it was one of the greatest games I had ever played at that time. Because I enjoyed my time with Fallout 3, I did my research and found Fallout 1 and 2. Despite being dated by a lot of people's standards (I actually really enjoy isometric viewpoints and turn-based combat) I quickly fell in love with those two games, and I can confidently say Fallout is my all-time favorite game series.
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  2. Wonder what inspired this...
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  3. Out of the two main Bethesda series, I can only properly get into The Elder Scrolls. I got Fallout 4, but hated it. I didn't like the inclusion of a character voice, the environments looked horrible (Which, I know, you would expect from a post-apocalyptic themed game, but when you play it for hours on end it just makes you feel a bit miserable IMO) and the gunplay was terrible.

    I'm personally looking forward to the Skyrim remaster, and will probably play it more than Fallout.
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  4. I can't particularly say I hated Fallout 4, especially because I put a fair amount of hours into it, but it definitely was overall a disappointment. Dialogue system was terrible, the removal of skills kinda sucked, and I thought the perk tree was kinda lackluster with just boring percentage based boosts most of the time.

    Story was pretty lackluster, though they went all out on the DLC. If the base game had the writing quality and character quality of Far Harbor and Nuka World, it would have been a lot better. Also pretty disappointed that they decided to go the route they did with DLC, dedicating a lot of it to the settlement building aspect which looked really cool in trailers but in execution felt very tacked on and not worthwhile in the slightest. I got pretty hyped about Fallout 4 just because of how much I love the series, and ultimately it wasn't justified hype. It wasn't a bad game, it just wasn't what I've come to expect from Fallout. I've always preferred Fallout over Elder Scrolls, but I play them too and it Fallout 4 was any indication, I fear for the quality of Elder Scrolls VI.
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  5. Fallout 4 was definitely far from bad, but it was just as far from good. Gotta agree, it was a huge disappointment, but I still love the game. The Elder Scrolls is a different story. Skyrim was a downgrade from Oblivion in almost every single way except for how the characters looked, imo. Can't even get a tiny bit hyped for TESVI.
  6. Started with Fo4 because I needed a reason to use my PS4 for something other than YT and Netflix. Upon completion of my first playthrough I thought this was what a good Fallout game would be...but then I went back and played New Vegas. Fallout 4 had lost alllll the depth of that previous entry seemingly in favor of graphics and spoken dialogue...what a shame. Don't get me wrong though I think Fo4 is a fun game, a really good shooter, but not much of a fallout game. Hopefully the next entry regains the story/world depth captured in Pre-Fo4 fallout games.

    Speaking of New Vegas, what a game. Still have yet to beat the main quest because fuck the main quest that's why. The game decided to auto save me literally .2 seconds before immediate death and my last save is too far behind. Other than that I really enjoyed my time with the game more so than 4. Still working on trying to buy 3 because I hear that's the best.
  7. I mean, you get a lot of different opinions regarding why New Vegas is better and shit like that. To me? 3 is the best. It's the one I started with. It's the one I have the strongest sense of nostalgia for. It's the one I played most. The story, as is tradition with most recent Bethesda games, isn't that great. But everything was pretty perfect to me. The DLCs for Fallout 3 are in-fucking-credible as well.

    People have this raging boner for New Vegas that I've never been able to achieve (much like The Witcher 3). I do like New Vegas, I do, but it's far off from being better than 3, imo. New Vegas had a better story and characters and added the ability to use iron sights on guns, but was basically the exact same game in an incredibly boring environment.
  8. That was one of my negatives about New Vegas, the desert could be a chore to traverse because it was so desolate and low key boring. The fact that you couldn't sprint made it worse.
  9. I'm of the opinion that New Vegas was overall better than Fallout 3. It's hard to find a discussion about these games and not find someone saying a game either "felt like Fallout" or it didn't, but New Vegas absolutely felt like Fallout for me. A decent amount of writers and devs at Obsidian actually worked at Interplay when they developed Fallout and Fallout 2, and it shows.

    I don't think Fallout 3 was bad, but New Vegas really captured the essence of Fallout for me. The characters, story, side quests, most locations were perfect. I can see people not liking the setting of the desert, but I appreciate it because if you play the old Fallout games which take place in the California/Oregon areas, that's what the west coast is at that point, a desert.
  10. I have a fallout related thing in the works but I need help updating for 4's lore.
  11. Which parts of FO4's lore?
  12. It's the old RP post I lost my updated one and only have the one from Wayback Machine and I was looking for help updating it.
  13. Are you wanting it to take place solely in the Commonwealth or are you wanting to include both it and the Mojave?

    What year are you wanting it to take place in, because I believe the old RP was set in 2282 wasn't it? Fallout 4 is 2287.
  14. I was originally thinking of having the Commonwealth in as a starting point as well as the Mojave my goal was to get as much fallout I can into it.

    And Yes it started in 2282 so I was thinking of how the years would have done for the Mojave in those 5 years.
  15. Could possibly do a short write up soon of how things would possibly go, I have a couple of ideas based on the canon decisions that were made.

    Also I've discovered there's totally an unlimited gatling laser in Nuka World. It's called Aeternus, or something like that (I'm tired and can't remember). If you keep doing the radiant quest to fight people coming through the gauntlet, eventually you'll end up fighting the Rogue Knight enemy, dude is decked out in BoS T-60 and carries this gatling laser. It's not the Unending legendary effect, I'm pretty sure this thing just has unlimited ammo.
  16. So yeah, if you guys play on PS4 you just straight up aren't getting mods, that got confirmed today.

    It's isn't on Bethesda, something about Sony.

    So I've been playing a good amount of Fallout 2 for the first time and I have to say that this game is a slow burner. Like, Fallout 4 has spoiled me so much by virtue of giving me a gun in the beginning of the game, Fallout 2 starts you off with a spear that you probably didn't specialised in and throws you into the world. I can safely say that I started having actual fun with the game when I finished the Den and right now, before that I was fucking roundhouse kicking geckos in the face and running off to heal everytime I killed one of them. But its been weirdly worth it, I love all the dialogue that comes from all the characters and I fucking love the companions, especially Sulik, he's my man!
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  18. Good to see some love for the old Fallout games.

    Fallout 2 definitely takes a bit of time to get rolling, but once it does it's easily tied for best Fallout game alongside New Vegas for me. They're such good games that a lot of people simply ignore because of isometric viewpoints and turn based combat. I wish they'd make more games like them now, they're fun.
  19. Took some digging to find this, But I started a modded run of New Vegas and my god I forgot how fun this was.
    I'm playing as one of my planned RP OC's (Might bring that back) Doing new vegas bounties atm and I love mods like this.
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