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  1. A camera shows Antonio clearly injured in the doctors room, after he went knee first into the metal of a barricade, Anarchist is standing next to him looking slightly annoyed. He looks over at Antonio who is screaming in pain as the doctors try and touch his knee. Antonio begins to speak to his dad once the doctors have gone
    Dad, I don't know if im gonna make it to Money in The Bank. I'm in so much pain.
    Doctors return with some kind of bone specialist and the and the man begins to poke his leg and knee
    Aughhhhh what are you doing, you stupid idiot, I'm trying to talk get out
    I have obviously got to get there or I'm gonna die of boredom

    Doctors walk back into the room with a scan they had done earlier on before the cameras got there

    Hello, Mr Stark we have the results from the scan and your bone and muscular tissue has been moved even further to the right after the barricade collision, we are so sorry to say but you are going to have to take at least 3 months of wrestling
    Do you think he can do the Hell In a Cell at Money in the Bank or not?
    He believe he could sir, but he'd have to be extremely careful
    Dad, do you think i should do it?
    From a Fathers perspective No freaking way! But from the wrestler inside me I say yes do it you've got nothing to lose

    Okay, thank you
    You know what I'm gonna settle this now
    A camera follows Anarchist to the backstage ramp of the arena and Anarchist tells the tech dude to hit his music as the music hits the crowd start to cheer

    After about 30 seconds Anarchist burst through the curtain with a certain amount of energy and the crowd begin to cheer louder, Anarchist walks to the ring looking slightly drained from his old age catching up to him. He gets in the ring and grabs a mic, the crowd begins to chant you still got it at Anarchist. After about a minute of chanting and Anarchist embracing the crowds noise he begins to speak

    Whoa, I wasn't expecting that reaction aha. However let's get down to business Chris Parks. He injured my son, as you now know Antonio will be out of action for 3 months and maybe longer after the hell in a cell. Yes I told him, I wanted him to be a wrestler however when I said that I didn't expect a 7 foot demonic psychopath to take him on either.
    The crowd begin to boo at the mention of Chris Parks name and continue to do so over the Anarchists speaking, whlist speaking about Chris
    It's no secret what I did was not allowed under the rules, due to me not being undertaken contract or summin like that but that RKO Felt great it's been like 5 years since I've done that and It felt great. Chris thinks he can target anyone. Antonios wife, his family, me. How about he has never faced a family like ours and he will not beat my son at Money in the...
    Before Anarchist can finish a high pitched scream is sounded throughout the arena the lights drop and Chris is standing in the ring in frontof Anarchist

    Your son will not beat me Anarchist you drip of an old man
    You're making a big mistake Chris
    What you gonna do old man, hit me with your walking stick or run me over In your mobility scooter
    Another scream is heard In the arena this time a much lower pitched, the lights go down once again and when they come back up the ring is surrounded by clown masked looking people and Anarchist has gone, with nothing in the ring just his jeans and top, a loud sound comes through the speakers saying
    "DOOMSDAY IS UPON YOU CHRIS" As Chris looks worried in the ring the camera fades black and ends
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